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How does Mark Haddon use the first person narration in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time?

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How does Mark Haddon use the first person narration in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time? In the words of Christopher Boone ?The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night ? time? is a ??murder mystery novel??. This book takes you on a surprisingly effective journey through the world of 15 year old Christopher suffering from Asperger?s syndrome; a boy who turns to mathematics for comfort, who cannot eat foods if they are touching on his plate, and who judges the potential success of his day by the number of similarly coloured cars that pass him on the way to school. The story of the murder of Mrs Shears?s dog is told from Christopher?s perspective. Author, Mark Haddon?s use of the first person narrative is effective in the way in which it enables us to enter Christopher?s mind, it equally creates problems for the reader... Throughout the novel, it becomes clear for us that Christopher finds it difficult to portray emotion or vice versa to read other people?s emotions. The fact that Christopher has Asperger?s syndrome adds to his inability to relate to how other people feel. As a result of this Christopher sees life in a very logical way and tends to describe things in lots of detail. ...read more.


Even though Christopher himself doesn?t tend to show much emotion you can still paint an image in your head of what he is feeling, this is because of the way he narrates. The small yet detail he gives you along the story is beneficial as it enables you to become close to Christopher and understand him as a character. The details he notices of other people tend to be their body language; this information helps the reader to understand how other characters feel. Christopher finds it hard to read emotions and gets confused when he can?t think properly, as a reader you can relate to his frustration because of the way he responds to people and their actions. ??What else did I say Christopher? I thought that this might be a rhetorical question, but I wasn?t sure. I found it hard to work out what to say because I was starting to get scared and confused.?? The downside to Mark Haddon?s use of first person narration is that the reader cannot fully experience what other people are feeling. The reader is restricted to mainly Christopher?s feelings and emotions as the book is written from his perspective. The fact that it is written from Christopher?s point of view means that everything we find out has already been processed through Christopher as he is the narrator. ...read more.


The suspense that builds up throughout the story is great as it keeps you on the edge of your seat as you don?t know what is going to happen next! I personally enjoyed reading this book from Christopher?s point of view as it lets you imagine how people deal with Asperger?s syndrome as well as how they act with the syndrome. The first person narration is effective because I think it made the book seem more realistic because in reality that is probably what would happen, if you were to go onto a train for the first time alone then you would most likely be scared.?Then the train wobbled a lot and I had to hang onto a rail and we went into a tunnel and it was noisy and I closed my eyes and I could feel the blood pumping in the sides of my neck.?? I think the way in which the author has captured Christopher?s emotion and feelings is unique because as a reader I first thought It was boring to be reading a book from his point of view, however as the story went on I realised that it is quite fascinating to be reading from someone who has Asperger?s syndrome. Overall I thought this book was quite extraordinary and the first person narration was used quite effectively. ...read more.

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