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How does Mary shelly use of language in chapters 1 and 5 show the contrast in the atmosphere and Victor Frankenstein's behaviour.

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Question: How does Mary shelly use of language in chapters 1 and 5 show the contrast in the atmosphere and Victor Frankenstein's behaviour. Frankenstein was written in 1818 by a young lady called Mary Shelly. Shelly had never had any school education but her farther taught her at home. When Shelly was 19 she completed her novel Frankenstein. The book Frankenstein was published in 1818. Shelly got the idea whilst she was in Lake Geneva, when she was challenged by Lord Byron to write a horror story. The story Frankenstein was based on scientific development that was being introduced at the time. The genre of the story is gothic horror. ...read more.


it was a dreary night in November that I had behold my toils. The surroundings in the beginning of chapter five to Victor are very relieved to have created his monster. Chapter five is very dark because its in November this makes the atmosphere a lot better. The difference between the weather and surroundings in chapter one and five is chapter 1 is very cheerful and full of life and chapter five is very dark and evil. This shows the contrast between the two scenes. In paragraph two Shelly plays with Victors reactions to the monster e.g. I had selected his features beautifully and beautiful great god!. ...read more.


This made Victor forget the horror and misfortune. In paragraph thirteen Shelly shows how Victor feels by writing words that are scary. When Victor arrives back at his apartment with Cleval he goes to his room. Victor feels all agitated and finally plucks up enough courage to push back the door. To Victors relief the monster has gone. Later on in the story victor becomes ill because of a fever, Elizabeth takes care of him and he eventually recovers. Mary Shelly is very clever in the way that she wrote the story Frankenstein because she use a lot of different language this causes her to get the right effect in chapter one and five. Shelly has also placed images in the right places these can cause tension and gives the reader an idea of what is happening. ...read more.

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