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How does Miller present Proctor as a character throughout the play of the Crucible?

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The Crucible By Arthur Miller How does Miller present Proctor as a character throughout the play of the Crucible The crucible is set in a town called Salem Massachusetts in the year 1692. The people in Salem are very dull as they seem to be against each other, they don't like or are afraid to have fun, If you dance or sing and someone see's you, you can be classed as witch. This is how the Salem witch trials were started and got out of hand and claimed so many lives. Throughout the play of the Crucible Proctor is presented in many different styles, He is presented as a strong man and also a weak man as in act 1 he is described as a man who people stand up to and then as the play progresses we realise he has had an affair which brings him shame and further into the play we read that Proctor is crying and telling the courts what he thinks, this tries to make us sympathise for Proctor. Throughout this essay you will find scene by scene how John Proctor was a courageous man and how he changed throughout the whole play and in the end made the right decision to try and put a stop to the Salem witch trials. ...read more.


At the end of a long days work Proctor is exhausted and as most people would try and get some rest and be a bit grumpy but we see Proctor trying to make everything okay between him and Elizabeth, most of this scene is a sort of an apology as all the way through Proctor tries to be a nicer character and prove he is a good man as he thinks Elizabeth has lost all her trust and faith she ever had in him. We can sense this with his actions, as the couple are quiet throughout this whole act. While Proctor and Elizabeth are talking Elizabeth is trying to tell Proctor to go tell the courts that he had an affair with Abigail. Proctor doesn't want the courts knowing of this affair as it will ruin his reputation and no one will ever trust him again. Proctor is trying to keep Elizabeth happy we know this as he says: "I mean to please you, Elizabeth" When Proctor finished his meal he looked out of the door among his fields as Elizabeth clears away the dishes. While this is happening we can sense the gloom of the household. ...read more.


During this scene we see proctor and Elizabeth in their final glimpse of each other. I think this is where they know how much they really love each other. Throughout the play of the Crucible we see how John Proctor's image changes in act 1 we see him as a well respected man, as we realise he has had an affair with Abigail Williams and has emotionally tortured himself for this. He is a powerful man as we realise when we see him shouting at Mary Warren (his maid) In act 2 we see a totally different Proctor we see a sensitive side of him and also he evolves into the Protagonist. We also realise how sorry he is for having the affair, as the whole scene is a sort of apology. In act 3 we see proctor's image crumble before his eyes. We see him in the courts admitting he has had an affair with Abigail and that she is lying about the witchcraft. In act 4 Proctor is breaking down and has to condemn himself for not just his sake but his family's sake as well. We see him in agony saying that he wants to live but not blacken his whole families name. This where it all ends for Proctor and he gets hung. ?? ?? ?? ?? Danny Dargue / English Essay / The Crucible ...read more.

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