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How does Miller's use of Alfieri relate to theatre traditions and add to the effect of the play as a whole?

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How does Miller's use of Alfieri relate to theatre traditions and add to the effect of the play as a whole? The play A View From The Bridge, which was written by Arthur Miller, is a play, which on the whole, is written in the style of an old Greek tragedy. A Greek tragedy has a chorus (narrator) telling the story from an overhead view and who can see the picture of the play from both sides point of view. In the play A View From The Bridge, the person who plays the chorus is a lawyer called Alfieri who plays a key role in the play mainly when Eddie visits his office for advice on the Rodolpho Catherine situation, he wants to know how he can stop them getting married. Alfieri is a key member of the community where Eddie and Catherine live. The community on the whole is very close and they strongly belive in justice which is what Alfieri is expected to help the members of the community with day in day out. ...read more.


Justice is when the people have fair trials and their rights are up held. Alfieri is a lawyer and his job is to defend the person he represents even if he himself thinks that he is guilty. Being a lawyer on the streets of New York is difficult and dangerous. There are all sorts of different laws and rules in different countries. Alfieri believes in the law very strongly, an example of this is when he is talking to Marco he says "if he obeys the law he lives" this is an example of how much Alferi believes in the law. In the play there are often references to the Longshoremen. They are labours who work on the boats on the docks. They are considered to be untrustworthy. Eddie confides his fears to Alfieri about the Longshoremen when he tells him about the new job Catherine has been offered as secretary for one of the cities big companies. In those days the highest and best job a women could of hoped for was that of a secretary. ...read more.


When Marco and Rodulpoho arrive from Italy, Alfieri does not meet them till Marco is arrested, but in all the play Alfieri always seems to understand the situation that Marco and Rodolpho are in. Alfieri is an Italian name which suggests he has some Italian background. Miller uses Marco very little in the play but from the end where he gets himself arrested. Catherine wants to go to Italy to live but Rodolpho does not want to as in Italy it is considered bad if you take someone back to Italy. It will seem that he has failed. The play centres around Alfieri like the chorus in a Greek tragedy for he holds all the storylines together. Alfieri helps to move the story along and keeps the audience interested and explains what is happening. In Greek tragedies the chorus always described horrific events to the audience such as murders and battles. This also happens in Millers' play when Alfieri describes Marco's murder of Eddie, "Eddies lunges with the knife, Marco grabs his arm, turning the blade inward and pressing home". The plays also contain a lot of suffering throughout as does Millers' play. Marco in the end becomes the Greek tragic hero when he kills the bad character at the end of the play. ...read more.

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