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How does Miller use the role of Alfieri to involve the audience and illustrate the cultural context of the play?

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How does Miller use the role of Alfieri to involve the audience and illustrate the cultural context of the play? Arthur Miller uses the character of Alfieri to communicate and illustrate the cultural context of the play in various ways. For instance, Alfieri helps the audience to understand what is going on, he helps to unfold the play. As Aflieri appears in the stage the first thing he does is "run his fingers through his hair and grinning". By doing this he makes the audience feel comfortable and prepared to digest the impending action. Miller makes it very clear that Alfieri's education and profession isolates him from the people of Red Hook, he says, "In this neighbourhood to meet a lawyer or a priest on the street is unlucky", he is telling the audience that people do not want to get "too close" to lawyers because they do not want to get introuble with the law, and in Sicily, where their fathers came from, was not a thing for them to mix with , ever since the Greeks were beaten. Italy is the bottom of cultural traditions in Red Hook and unites the community in common social practices and religion. ...read more.


This was frowned upon. This reminds me of 'The Godfather' where someone was too havinga relationship with their cousin, this was also frowned upon. Eddie too acted in the same way, and thinks that it is ridiculous for Catherine and Rodolfo to have a relationship. The title 'A View From the Bridge' may represent where Alfieri's office was situated, overlooking Brooklyn harbour that may suggest that the story is told from Alfieri's perspective. It could show that Alfieri could only watch Eddie make his mistakes, but he was "powerless" to stop him. Perhaps it links Alfieri to Miller because Miller felt like an outsider whilst working on the docks, and with Alfieri's education and proffesion it isolates him from the people of the Red Hook community. He is also the symbolic bridge between the American and tribal laws, as he studies and respects then American laws but is also loyal to the Italian customs. He is in the middle of the poor dock labourers and the wealthy cosmopolitans of Manhatten. Alfieri describes Eddie as "..a good man..heworked on the piers when there was work...and he lived", Miller is reminding us of Eddies good qualities. ...read more.


us of the two laws, but this time he gives his own opinion, which make the audience also agree with him and that they like the fact that there are two laws because it shows culture and tradidtion through these people. Alfieri also gives his opinion on Eddie saying " I think I will love him, more than all my sensible clients", this makes Alfieri feel emotional about his job and he got very attached to Eddie maybe because he was not scared to show his true feelings and what he thinks of people. In conlusion the role of Alfieri communicated to the audience extremely well as he connected with them breaking up the play and giving his opinions on some events, making it clearer to the audience and giving them a clue as to what will occur during the play. He also describes the cultural context of the play giving us more information and informing us of the inportant 'laws', and traditions. Miller makes Alfieri a rememerable character as he is the mechanism by which the play unfolds, the play would not function without hime, just like a battery in a toy. Without it is will not work. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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