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How Does Moniza Alvi Create a Vivid Expression of the Country of Her Birth

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How Does Moniza Alvi Create a Vivid Expression of the Country of Her Birth? Moniza Alvi creates a vivid expression of the country of her birth, Pakistan, by many of the following ways... Firstly, she explains that "There's a country at my shoulder, growing larger - soon it will burst" here she uses an extended metaphor as it could be a rain cloud or a dam, this is to show the difficulty she faces with her dual nationality. She emphasises her difficulty throughout the poem, as she "Must stand to attention with the country at my shoulder", here she feels that she must obey as she is spellbound to her country despite being raised in England. ...read more.


Then there is Uncle Aqbar who "...Drives down the mountain to arrange his daughter's marriage." Showing how ambitious he is to get his daughter married, this also shows a contrast between the cultures as in England men and women are free to marry whoever they choose but in Alvi's country you're married to a total stranger. Then Uncle Kamil who "Shot a tiger... Hung (it) over the wardrobe" he shows great pride as its hung over his wardrobe, but through Alvi's perspective she is embarrassed and "hide its head in a towel" this again shows the differences in culture as in her country you gain much honour for killing a ferocious creature, whilst in England its known as a wildlife offence. ...read more.


Also she feels fear, fear towards the fact that the men are free and have easy jobs "Wear loose cotton clothing" and "Sit in their trucks", whilst the women are working as hard labour and cry with the public executions. The final way in which the writer creates a vivid expression of her country is with her use of language. First off, she uses much imagery such as; "there is a country at my shoulders" portraying a cloud, dam or even a foetus, also "Fall like a meteor" which help create an image to further emphasis the simile used. The writer also uses much contrast throughout the poem such as "In the square there are those who beg - And those who beg for mercy", "Everyone is very unhappy or very happy" this is used to further emphasis her difficulty with her dual identity. ...read more.

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