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How does Of Mice and Men treat the theme of loneliness?

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How does Of Mice and Men treat the theme of loneliness? How does Of Mice and Men treat the theme of loneliness? In the novella Of Mice and Men, the author John Steinback, masters the subject of obscure loneliness of itinerant workers in the 1930's North America. The story itself is a crude tale of rare frienship between two itinerant workers in California, however the loneliness of the characters is not concealed. The main characters are Lennie and George, and the setting is Taylor's ranch in California during the rough times of the Great Depression. Lennie is dexterous, strong and enormous in size but too simple-minded to manage on his own, whereas George is a small, smart, and dedicated man who has taken Lennie to travel with him. ...read more.


The suspicious boss at the ranch questioning George's and Lennie's frienship as soon as they arrive is a true example of this looming doubt in the atmosphere that separates the characters. The only person who blindly trusts someone, is Lennie who is keen to do whatever George commands him to do. Ironically, this trusting kills him later as well as it does Curley's wife, similar to the way the mice and pup die after letting Lennie close to them. Curley's wife is assured that all of the ranch men are afraid of his husband and wouldn't dare touch her, which encourages her to get in closer contact with Lennie and takes a trusting step that leads to her death. ...read more.


Loneliness has caught her, and she cant escape, wherever she walks to everyone tries immediately to get rid of her. She is trapped on a ranch with people around her who are afraid to give her any attention, she tries her best to be nice and attempts to make some contact with the men but doesn't get anything back. She is isolated but doesn't want to be, and handless loneliness like it's a jail around her. In summary, the theme of loneliness is on every page of the book, even the story itself takes place in the middle of nowhere. It is treated as something valuable. It narrates the story narrates a tradegy of honorable friendship with the ominuous hints throughout the story make it clear that the loneliness on the other side of friendship eventually wins and the end might not be pleasant. ...read more.

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