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How does Old Major's speech create both the energy and focus for a rebellion, and the seeds of failure of the utopian dream?

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Q4: How does Old Major's speech create both the energy and focus for a rebellion, and the seeds of failure of the utopian dream? Old Major was a well-respected figure in the farm before he passed away. As the father of 400 odd pigs in the farm and a prize Middle While boar boosted his reputation and won the respect from other animals. Therefore, he could drive any ideas into the animals with much ease and few obstacles, unlike Snowball and Napoleon later in the story, when the two prominent powers were in control. Also, Old Major is an eloquent speaker with mastery over various speaking tactics, for example, employing rhetorical questions to emphasize his stand; appealing to emotions by referring to how Clover's new-born babies were taken away; and inspiring fear by his mention of how man would dispose of Boxer when he no longer had any use. Of course, as the story progresses, we saw how ironic and prophetic his words were when Napoleon sent Boxer to the knackers. Besides his dazzling display of oratory, his charisma was another factor that helped him to rouse the excitement, joy, rage and hatred of the animals. ...read more.


In the story of Animal Farm, the cause would be Old Major's speech, the inspiration of the rebellion, and the incident would no doubt be triggered by hunger due to Jones' negligence. Likewise, historical evidence has it that the idea of communism originated by Karl Marx, was spread by Lenin into the minds of the people before they turned against the Tsar later. Wise and noble the Old Major might be, but the concepts delineated in his speech contained many flaws, which led to the manipulation of the animals by a power-hungry tyrant more foreboding than Jones. Throughout his speech, Old Major made constant mention to Man - the culprit and the cause of the animals' hunger and sufferings. He vehemently denounced humans and beseeched the animals to get rid of them. However, what he had failed to pinpoint was tyranny, the force acting on the oppressed working class. Hence, the animals were unwittingly misled into thinking they had to expel man and only man. Humans became the focus of the animals' revolution, as well as the fear that lingered in their hearts forever. The pigs capitalised on this fear to justify their acts of corruption and the violation of commandments. ...read more.


Once they realised that these activities did not suit animals, they would abandon the idea. However, with Old Major forbidding them from attempting to be like man, the prospect of acclimatizing to these human traits had taken root and the pigs indulged in human pleasures which gave them a sense of supremacy. The rebellion that Old Major stirred in their hearts also brought about a secret wish to rebel against what Animalism stood for. This clearly illustrates how Old Major's speech planted the seeds of failure of the utopian dream. Without the shadow of a doubt, the failure of the utopian dream was due to the simplicity of the animals' mind and the cunning strategies of the pigs; however, Old Major's speech also played an important role in this dystopia. His inference that only man is tyrannical and his lack of physically experiencing the animals' longsuffering lives made the idea of animalism just an empty dream. While his speech caused rebellion to take root, it also prophesized failure. No one is perfect, and that also applies to Old Major, one that possessed great wisdom and far-sight. AF - literature essay Q4 1 ...read more.

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