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How does Priestly employ dramatic technique to further the effective delivery of his messages?

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How does Priestly employ dramatic technique to further the effective delivery of his messages? In each act, Priestly builds even more suspense as to what happened to Eva Smith/Daisy Renton. He starts with a very relaxed and joyful which is completely different to the rest of the play. The family are all happy and celebrating, except for Eric who seems a bit absent, but still happy. They are celebrating the engagement of Sheila Birling and Gerald Croft, until Inspector Goole makes his presence. As soon as the inspector arrives, the mood is changed, and Arthur Birling is immediately annoyed. He becomes frustrated, inhospitable and threatening towards the inspector. The parents are still patronising towards Sheila and Eric but the inspector treats them equally. When Sheila arrives from the drawing room, she is astonished by the arrival of the inspector. She is kind to him but impertinent. Throughout the play the inspector plays a serious character, and never laughs. He is extremely stern and treats the Birling family and Gerald as if they were children. He describes Eva Smiths death with such picturesque words that you are able to imagine the corpse, as can Sheila, and immediately asks the inspector to stop. ...read more.


After Gerald's admittance to the knowledge of Daisy Renton, the feeling so far from the audience is that it is incredible how so many people from this one family could all know the same girl. This gives a dramatic effect and seems almost surreal. After Gerald's inquisition, you realise, that he, so far is the only that that did anything completely loyal to Daisy Renton and that he had her best interests at heart. The next person to be questioned is Mrs. Birling, who is very confident and stern and refuses to take any responsibility to the death of Daisy Renton. Daisy had visited Mrs Birling in a time of need and asked for help, still not revealing who she is. This is because Mrs Birling is one of the organisers for the Brumley Women's Charity Organisation, and has the power to dismiss certain issues that women come to the charity for help with. Daisy had been pregnant, and needed money and had explained to Mrs. Birling that she could not accept any money from the father because she felt he had stolen it. ...read more.


The family make some more calls and realise that it's true. Eric and Sheila are the only ones that still show remorse for what they have just found out about the family's selfish actions that they effect on other people. This gives the audience a relief, even though they are not included in the fault of the death of Daisy Renton, but Eric and Sheila are still upset about it and even though the parents and Gerald are happy and celebrating, Sheila and Eric tend to bring down the level of happiness in the room by making you feel more and more guilt as they keep on saying their thoughts on the situation. In this play I felt it had a very good twist to the ending as after feeling brilliant about themselves, acting as if they hadn't found out anything, they get a call from the police station saying that an inspector is coming round to question them. This gives you a stunned surprise and makes you feel that you should always be careful about how your actions affect others. The effect is incredible at the end where you find the most mysterious phone call. Based on An Inspector Calls By Christine Leung-Cheun 10B English Miss Cobley ...read more.

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