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How does Rita develop as a character throughout the course of the play?

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How does Rita develop as a character throughout the course of the play? Despite the fact that this play was written 25 years ago we can say that the message about education giving choices is still relevant today. During the course of the play Rita shows how she can achieve what she wanted. We can clearly notice the drastic change there is in different aspects of her between Act 1 Scene 1 and Act 2 Scene 7. Some of these aspects are her attitude, her language, her educational development, her physical appearance and her personal life. Right at the beginning of the play Rita depends a lot on her family and husband. They become an obstacle to her when she can't follow her ambition because of their working class values. They say she should stop thinking about being an educated woman and concentrate more on making a family. "Denny found out I was on the pill again... ...read more.


She is constantly underestimating herself and her chances thinking she is never going to make it, like in Act 1 Scene 1 when she says: "I was dead surprised when they took me. I don't suppose they would have done it if it had been a proper university" Rita's language reflects her social background. She uses a lot of slang and swearing and seems coarse and unlikely to make a progress because of her vocabulary. She uses words like "bleedin'", "sod" and "pissed" and uses expressions like "get on my tits" instead of simply saying "irritate me". She always goes directly o the point without hesitating. An example of this is when she first enters Frank's office and starts talking about the painting on the wall: "Look at those tits... I mean when they painted it do you think it was to turn people on?" This shows how talkative she is even when she barely knows the person. ...read more.


This clearly contrasts with the beginning where she thought Frank knew "everything". During the course of the play Rita is constantly using others as a model to follow, which is why she changed her name from Susan to Rita ( after Rita Mae Brown) on the first place. At one point she also changes her accent to sound more "sophisticated". These are clear signs of her lack of self confidence. By the end of the play she discovers herself truly and even considers doing what was trapping her before. These were things like having a baby or going to her mother's. Overall, we can say that Rita makes a drastic change in all the aspects mentioned above during the course of the play. In the end we can see a totally different Rita who has achieved her goal and that although she has come full circle she is quite different to the original Rita. Even if you didn't know that Russell based the play in his own life the message about education giving choices is transmitted very effectively. Ali assaf 11c ...read more.

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