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How does Russell present the metamorphosis of his character Rita in Educating Rita? Discuss the dramatic impact of the change on you, the audience.

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How does Russell present the metamorphosis of his character Rita in Educating Rita? Discuss the dramatic impact of the change on you, the audience Educating Rita is a play written by Willy Russell. It tells the story of Frank and Rita, two characters involved for the whole duration of the play. Although there are many other people that are important in the play, Educating Rita focuses mainly on Frank, a university professor and Rita, a hairdresser who wants an education. The title of the play, "Educating Rita", seems to speak for itself, but it has many different ideas and meanings behind it. During the course of the play, we learn more about the two characters and we see how their relationship develops. When Rita enters the play as a typical young, working class girl which is shown by her appearance (a small tight skirt, blouse and high heels). She has a deep aspiration to change her life. Not just to make new friends, or become educated, she wants to leave most of her entire past life behind and make a completely fresh start. ...read more.


By act 2 Rita is more attentive and is more willing to learn, yet again the time period between acc 1 and 2 is used by Russell to show how much Rita has changed. In the beginning of Act one as she is nervous she smokes, swears and asks about Frank's personal life etc. She looks at things like the window. Frank says that it hasn't been opened for years. The window is a metaphor used by Russell for Rita's desire for freedom. She can see it but the glass is stopping her. Later in Act two she opens the window showing that she is freeing herself. Rita is prepared to do anything to reach her goal to improve her social status from working class to middle class. She has changed her name from Susan to Rita in an effort to be different person and to be likened to her idol, Rita Mae Brown. This shows that she is determined to change herself. Her love for Rita Mae Brown makes her read the books of her favourite author, Rubyfruit Jungle is one of them mentioned in the play several times. ...read more.


She begins to feel. the course is a waste of time but a talk with her crying mum gives her a new hunger. Frank is surprised when he tries to introduce Rita to Blake, as Rita has already studied his work. Russell is using this as an indication of how she is changing. Her Macbeth essay is "wonderful and worthless". As she changes herself, Frank is pleased. Rita explains how she wants to change, which is why she did the course. The audience can see that she is changing by the progress in her essays and are increasingly pleased. The use of Summer School is very clever by Russell. As it has been such a long time since you have seen her. The change will be very obvious whereas if there wasn't any Summer school you would only see Rita change very gradually not seeing it at all. Rita is back with new clothes and now living with Trish, which is used by Russell to show that Rita is changing. The audience is pleased for Rita as she is has changed a lot and is near to succeeding in being educated. ...read more.

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