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How Does Scream Convey the Slasher Genre Conventions.

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HOW DOES SCREAM CONVEY THE SLASHER GENRE CONVENTIONS Scream has many slasher conventions but we can see that not all of them are stereotypical. Scream made a whole new meaning to the term teen-slasher by rebelling against the typical slasher conventions but it is clever as it also uses the old conventions as well. We could see in this that the killer was masked this was a good idea as it used intertextuality by taking the idea from Halloween. This was also a good idea as it didn't reveal the killer to us and made us keep on guessing whom the killer might be. ...read more.


The phone call from them also could be a call of death, signalling that they are going to die. It is a typical teen horror movie, set in an American High School with characters that teenagers could easily relate to. Casey Becker, a teenager who loves horror movies and dumped Stu for her rugby player boyfriend Steve. This is stereotypical motive behind this attack 'REVENGE' Stu might still be upset with Casey for dumping him for Steve. Casey Becker and Tatum Riley are stereotypical victims blonde hair, big-breasted girls. Casey Becker's death was stereotypical as she was all alone out in the middle of no-where. ...read more.


6. Never pick up the phone and call for help, chances are your phone will be dead and the next thing you'll see is the monster swinging some sort of sharp object. Sydney Prescott was the character that rebelled against the stereotypical genre conventions she had sex with Billy none other then the killer this was never seen before we all expect that if you have sex you will die. We see that in many horror movies that people who sin die. People who sin against God if it were die. Any not peacefully their deaths are horrific. I come to say that scream dose follow many slasher conventions but adds a few of its own to confuse the audience. Thomas Skinner 12B Mr Webster ...read more.

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