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How does Shakespeare contrast the characters of Brutus and Anthony through the events of Act Three.

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HIHow does Shakespeare contrast the characters of Brutus and Anthony through the events of Act Three The play begins by setting the scene of Cassius and Brutus separately plotting against Caesar. Caesar is told to beware the Ides of March by a soothsayer. Then in Act Two the conspirators plot killing Caesar both have different opinions - Cassius wants to kill both Anthony and Caesar and Brutus just wants to kill Caesar. In Act Three Caesar is killed and Brutus gets the conspirators to wash their hands in Caesars blood and to spread the word of the murder. Brutus also, to the unwillingness of Cassius allows Anthony to make a speech to the crowd. This speech subsequently leads to the death of Brutus and his followers. In Act Four the conspirators prepare to fight and Brutus sees the Ghost of Caesar. In Act Five there is a battle between Anthony and the conspirators. Cassius and Brutus kill themselves by running on to there swords. Act Three is by far the most important Act in the play. In this Act Brutus decides to go ahead with the killing of Caesar, Subsequently describing it by, 'Ambitions Debt is paid' The meaning of this is that Brutus and the Conspirators did this because it had to be done as Caesar had become more ambitious. ...read more.


As Brutus speaks he praises the crowd because of their wisdom. Then in a plea to gain their support he addresses those who liked Cesar and says how he loved him as well. Brutus then justifies his killing of Caesar by saying how he saw that Caesar was endangering Rome which he loved more. His methods of getting across his point to the crowd work well, as he uses lots of examples, and he repeatedly says how he loved Caesar as much as them, 'As Caesar loved me, I wept for him; as he was fortunate, I rejoice at it ...but as he was ambitious I slew him.' By use of rhetorical questions Brutus uses a similar method to the one above to question the crowd and get them to think of how they feel about Rome or Caesar, Who is here so rude that would not be a Roman...Who is here so vile that will not love his county? Brutus lacks emotion in his speech, and delivers it as just a speech with know compassion behind it. He is constantly justifying his actions by means of repetition, this shows abstemiousness in Brutus and that not only is he trying to convince the crowd that the killing was necessary but also himself. ...read more.


Therefore let our alliance be combined, Our best friends made our means stretched' Anthony can also be seen as a Mercenary in Act five Scene One when he confronts Cassius on the battlefield. Villains, you did not so, when your vile daggers Hacked one another in the sides of Caesar. This shows that Anthony had not forgotten what they had done to Caesar and was out seeking revenge for the death of Caesar. Act Three can be seen as the high point of the play as this is the point when Caesar is murdered and Brutus makes the fatal mistake of letting Anthony make a speech at the Marketplace in an appeal to find revenge for Caesar. 'There shall I try In my oration, how the people take The cruel issue of these bloody men' Brutus uses oppositions and balances to persuade the crowds over to his side in his speech and Anthony takes advantage of these and uses the similar repetition but also irony. Anthony shows his emotion to the crowd by his having to have a break, but Brutus centres the speech on justifying the murder of Caesar and lacks any emotion or compassion. 'not that I loved Caesar less, but that I loved Rome more.' Anthony also has the ability to manipulate the crowd with the use of pops and imagery. However Brutus lacks this talent and can only offer himself as a sacrifice. Alex Oakes - 11Rd Shakespeare Coursework ...read more.

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