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How does Shakespeare convince the audience that Romeo and Juliet truly love each other in act1 scene5 and act2 scene2?"

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"How does Shakespeare convince the audience that Romeo and Juliet truly love each other in act1 scene5 and act2 scene2?" Shakespeare induces the audience that true love exists through his well known love story Romeo and Juliet. He uses fate as a device to support the reason for why love takes place and evokes the audience that no matter what would happen, Romeo and Juliet would meet and fall in love. Shakespeare indicates to the audience that Juliet's beauty is pure enough to stand out. This is shown in Act1 scene5 when Romeo declines 'So shows a snowy dove trooping with crows'. Juliet's beauty is indicated as being pure because Juliet is referred to as being 'a snowy dove' which is white and pure enough to stand out. When Romeo says 'Beauty too rich for use, for earth too dear', He is insinuating to the audience that Juliet's beauty is too good for anything on this earth. This is insinuated because, when Romeo mentions 'beauty too rich for use', it conveys to the audience that Juliet's beauty is too precious for everyday use. ...read more.


Shakespeare did this because at the time when he wrote this play, the audience used to respond differently i.e. shocked, towards conversations about desire. Shakespeare voices the audiences' concerns through characters. This is shown in act2 scene2 after Juliet has just asked Romeo if he loves her, and if he does then to get married to her she says ' Or if thou think'st I am too quickly won, I'll frown and be perverse, and say thee nay,'. Juliet voices the audiences concerns because Romeo and Juliet have only just met and already are in love and talking about marriage; here, the audiences concerns would be that they are going too fast so that is what Juliet voices. Romeo implies to the audience that Juliet is something special to him when he says 'it is the East and Juliet is the sun' in act2 scene2. Romeo indicates that Juliet is something special because he calls Juliet the sun and the sun is like a life giver to plants and animals therefore, what Romeo is implying is that Juliet is his life giver and he can't live without her which symbolises that Juliet is something special to Romeo as he can't live without her. ...read more.


for Juliet and it shows a sign of commitment as both Romeo and Juliet are willing to give up their names for each other. Shakespeare confirms to the audience that Romeo and Juliet's love is true when they meet for the second time and arrange to get married. This is shown in act 2 scene 2 when Romeo asks for ' th'exchange of thy loves faithful vow for mine' this shows true love because they arrange to get married even though it will be against their families will. Also they show commitment as they are willing to be together no matter what happens. The true love that has been portrayed between the characters Romeo and Juliet is conceived to the audience as being completely owed to fate as Romeo and Juliet are sincere fate believers this is shown as Romeo and Juliet constantly speak about the sun, skies, heavens, stars etc. Juliet also talks about having a 'prodigious birth'. Their love is emphasised more to the audience as both the main protagonists are controlled by fate. Although this has convinced the audience that Romeo and Juliet's love is true, does it convince the audience that true love actually exists? ...read more.

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