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How does Shakespeare create an atmosphere of tension and fear

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How does Shakespeare create an atmosphere of tension and fear In Act 2, Scene 2? What ideas does Polanski bring to this scene? There are many ways that Shakespeare creates an atmosphere of tension and fear in act 2, scene 2. I think he creates this tension to keep the audience engrossed in the play. The crime itself creates a lot of tension because in Jacobean times killing the monarch (known as Regicide) was the highest crime you could commit because it was believed that the monarch was appointed by God. And if you committed a crime against the king you were committing a crime against God. Also the audience could relate to the play because only a year earlier the Gunpowder Plot was attempted and this scene is about killing a King. I think Shakespeare had this in my mind when he wrote the play because this would bring the crowds in. Lady Macbeth tries to keep her fear of being caught covered to try and show Macbeth that if she is man enough to not be scared he should not be scared because generally men are more courageous than women. ...read more.


The murder does not go exactly to plan as Macbeth brings the daggers back to his and Lady Macbeth's chamber when he is supposed to leave them with the guards. This means that Lady Macbeth has to take charge and take them back to the guards. This causes tension because Macbeth has told her that they have already woken up once so both she and the audience think that there is a chance that she may get caught red handed (literally). There is tension between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth during this scene because Macbeth falls to pieces under the pressure whereas Lady Macbeth stays strong or at least acts like she stays strong. 'My hands are of your colour, but I shame to wear a heart so white.' She acts cool, calm and collected whereas he acts very scared and nervous. I think this is because Macbeth almost got caught, but also because he feels guilty because Duncan had done nothing wrong. He should also feel guilty because Duncan has trusted him and just given him the title of the 'Thane Of Cawdor'. ...read more.


Also nowadays violence is more accepted even though in the play it would show Banquo being killed. Also there are visual significances, which Polanski has put in. What I mean by this is for example when Duncan is killed we see the crown fall and hit the ground, this is a metaphor for the king falling. And after Macbeth has washed his hands you see the well hook swinging from side to side and it looks like a hangman's noose and the hangman's noose is implying that someone is dead, and that is King Duncan. In the film there are certain effects, which show how, scared lady Macbeth and Macbeth are. For example Lady Macbeths face is very white and her eyes are very wide, which could indicate that she is scared. Also when Macbeth is very distressed and his wife is trying to calm him down he gazes off screen to show that he is thinking about what he has done and he cannot concentrate. When both are waiting for each other in the film they pace about which shows they are quite agitated and nervous. ?? ?? ?? ?? Michael Silman UvP ...read more.

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