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How does Shakespeare create dramatic tension in Act3.5 of Romeo and Juliet? Consider how the language and structure of the scene may shape audience response.

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How does Shakespeare create dramatic tension in Act3.5 of Romeo and Juliet? Consider how the language and structure of the scene may shape audience response. This scene is vitally important as it shows how deeply Romeo and Juliet feel for each other and it also deeply involves the audience watching the play at this point because they now know what Capulet and Lady Capulet don't know. This is a good way of drawing the audience deep into the play as it is almost humorous to see Juliet lie to her parents. Before Act3.5 Romeo has spent the night with Juliet and the scene begins in the morning. Juliet's bedroom is the main place for this scene where the father becomes furious with some of her decisions. This essay will express views from an audience perspective and demonstrate how this scene is an important part of the play. Tension throughout the scene varies as in some parts it can get very tense, this is just one factor which makes this scene so powerful. For example, in the beginning, there is a peaceful surrounding as the sun is just rising and Romeo and Juliet are very happy with each other. ...read more.


This is because it can be read: With Romeo, till I behold him dead, which is what the mother hears or: dead is my poor heart... This is just one sentence that will drag an audience deep within the play because of its two meanings forcing the audience to think carefully about what Juliet actually means. Another good example is "...Ay madam, from the reach of these my hands." Meaning how 'someone' is out of her grasp. This makes Lady Capulet believe that Juliet still misses Tybalt and is distraught about his death, but she is actually missing Romeo. Juliet pretends to be upset about Tybalt quite a lot which goes unnoticed by Lady Capulet but not to an engrossed audience. As the scene continues, the tension begins to build. This is due to Juliet's refusal to marry Paris. When Lady Capulet storms out to find Capulet, the tension in the audience builds, as not only has Juliet been lying, but has turned down the proposal. During the short time where Lady Capulet is explaining the issue to Capulet, all is well. The audience however are waiting for the eruption from the father. ...read more.


At this point the tension drops as they are left only to discuss the future for Juliet. They are both still shaken by Capulets rage so there is a slightly awkward atmosphere in the room, which also affects the audience as they too that feel awkward. The Nurse decides to try and persuade Juliet to agree to the proposal. It seems here that the Nurse has become terrified of Capulet because of the insults that she received from him. Therefore, this is shocking for the audience as the Nurse put a lot of effort into the marriage of Romeo and Juliet. Juliet asks "Speakst thou from thy heart?" as the Nurse's persuasion shocks her too. "And from my soul too; else beshrew them both." The Nurse replies in this way to show how there would be no point of having either a heart or a soul if they didn't think the same. From this the audience are shocked as Juliet accepts the proposal with an "Amen" or "so be it". This whole scene puzzles and confuses the audience as many emotions occur in a short time. This is one of the best scenes that really brings the audience closer to the action as they understand the lies that some of the characters don't. ?? ?? ?? ?? Ashley Booth 10Ty ...read more.

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