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How does Shakespeare explore the theme of Love in his play Romeo and Juliet?

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How does Shakespeare explore the theme of Love in his play Romeo and Juliet? Romeo and Juliet is thought to have been written in 1595. Shakespeare adapted the story; however it is his version that is known to many of us. It is a tragic story of love. The whole episode of Romeo and Juliet's meeting, falling in love, marriage, and tragic end, takes place within five days. This play discovers many different themes; however Love is a theme that is expressed all throughout the play. I to have my own opinion on love, I believe that love is something someone must earn it is not brought. Love is something that can not be broken, for example a mother's love for her child, a mother will always love her child regardless of the child loving her or respecting her. I also believe that love that a man has for a women is a type of love when broken can not be replaced hence me believing that when people get married 2nd time because of death of old partner, will not be as successful as first. This however is my opinion of Love, many others may differ. William Shakespeare begins his play with a scene of violence. The scene involves Sampson and Gregory the two servants of the house of Capulet, talking about what they would do to the wife's of the Montague. ...read more.


Mercutio tells Romeo that sex is better than love and Romeo then cheers up whereas Romeo thinks opposite. Mercutio uses sexual puns which show that he speaks what he wants and so he speaks from the heart and this is why Romeo is similar with him because Romeo shows love from the heart. The major difference between them is that Mercutio is rude and Romeo is polite. Mercutio can be seen as the sort of person that is taught something and thinks it's true until proven wrong whereas Romeo will find out for himself, for example the feud between the Capulet's and the Montague's, this interests Romeo in no ways at all, but Mercutio does hate the Capulet's even though they have done nothing to him during his lifetime. This is also why Mercutio thinks Romeo has let the Montague's down by not backing up Mercutio in the fight against Tybalt. To Romeo death is final but to Mercutio death is nothing but a joke.There are many different interpretations of Mercutio. Three of the main ways are: 1. Gay-Homosexual. 2. Straight - Jealous of Romeo, never been in love. 3. Been in love and been hurt so does not approve of love. Friar Laurence marries Romeo and Juliet even though he believes that the marriage will end up in tragedy. However he marries them in hope that it will end the continuous feuding between the two families. ...read more.


Juliet asks herself 'What unaccustomed cause procures her hither?' This tells us that her mother does not visit her often. Juliet is crying and her mother thinks it is because she is grieving Tybalt's death. She is very cold towards her daughter and tells her to stop crying, as she is crying too much. She does not comfort her at all. The audience knows that Juliet is not crying for her cousin she is crying for her Romeo's departure. As her mother talks Juliet is thinking of other things, but still Lady Capulet is talking about marriage. This is important as it shows the gap between Juliet and lady Capulet. In conclusion to all of this I personally feel that modern world has changed all morals and beliefs, as time has gone on. However in some countries, religions or maybe different cultures arranged marriages still go on. In some countries people even get married to people from a different country just so that they can move to that country. If we look at the views in this play we can see clearly that Shakespeare believes that love is stronger than death. The way in which Juliet kills herself shows the strength that true love can give. Also Romeo picks up the courage drink the potion knowing that it would kill him. For someone to do this they must have mighty power and will. In this play True Love is what gives these powers. Charankamal Singh Theora ...read more.

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