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How does Shakespeare gain the audience's sympathy for Juliet in Act 3, Scene 5

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HOW DOES SHAKESPEARE GAIN THE AUDIENCE'S SYMPATHY FOR JULIET IN ACT 3, SCENE 5 I am going to be analysing the Act 3, scene 5, paying particular attention to the ways that Shakespeare engages or stimulates the audience to have sympathy for Juliet, through the structure of the scene and the language used. Romeo and Juliet is relating to two teenage lovers whose families are at war. However Juliet and Romeo get secretly married and only Juliet's Nurse and Romeo's good friend Friar Lawrence, who married them, know their secret. They spend a night together, where Romeo quickly leaves, because of fear of being caught by Juliet's parents, who at the moment are very miserable and angry for the reason that a Montague had recently killed a member of the Capulet's, this being Romeo killing Tybalt, Juliet's cousin. At the start of the scene, we see the dramatic situation of Romeo and Juliet. Juliet is trying to persuade Romeo to stay. He says he must go or else he will be captures and put to death. They are in a desperate situation. ...read more.


we see Juliet is desperate for her father to listen to her, showing as how a child has to beg and plead for her father to come to reason with her. However still ignoring the pleading of his daughter continues "Hang thee, young baggage, disobedient wretch" in addition to warning her if she wouldn't marry Paris "or never after look me in the face again". Therefore Juliet is now depending on the Nurse. The Nurse does try to be on Juliet side and declares, "You are to blame, my lord, to rate her so" however, Lord Capulet responded to her "Peace, you mumbling fool". Lord Capulet leaves, however the Nurse still tries to win back the trust of her lord, and says to Juliet, "...I think it best you marry with the County. O, he is a lovely gentleman: Romeo's a dish clout to him." Therefore Juliet response is "Well, thou hast comforted me much". Juliet's ironic response to the Nurse shows how deeply she is hurt by her old friend's lack of support. As we see Juliet is rejected in turn by her father, mother and then finally the Nurse, making as feel sorry for Juliet as no one supports her, ...read more.


no matter how distressed her daughter is she still reply with "Talk not to me, for I'll not speak a word:" After firstly her father betrays her followed by her mother, she move towards her nurse. However the nurse also now believes the best thing for Juliet is to marry Paris and forget Romeo. As a result of the nurse saying this to Juliet, she then straight into the camera, this called a slam shot, in this occasion meaning accusation that now also the nurse has betrayed her. Juliet is also in the background making her appear smaller and with the white robe she has on it makes her look like she is floating in the background like a ghost, as if her soul was taken out of her. However then Juliet tells the nurse "Well, thou hast comforted me marvellous much." whilst not being very sincere she sarcastically assures the nurse she will marry Paris. I believe Zeffirelli has been very successful in conveying Shakespeare's message in this scene. However if I was the director I would of made the nurse seem guiltier for advising Juliet to forget about her husband Romeo. BY LILIANA DESSIREE GUILARTE 10Q Liliana Guilarte 10q I ...read more.

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