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How does Shakespeare maintain the interest of the audience?I feel that Shakespeare brilliantly uses contrasting characters

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How does Shakespeare maintain the interest of the audience? "Romeo and Juliet" was written and directed over 400 years ago and was very popular. It was written in Isas but the story came from a poem written by poet Arthur Brooke in 562. Although Shakespeare wrote and directed "Romeo and Juliet," he based it on the poem written by Arthur Brooke. The play maintains the audiences interest by using contrasts such as with the characters and scenes in the play. Shakespeare uses a fast chain of events, impact of language and a lot of fight scenes to entertain his audience. When Shakespeare contrasts his characters, his main characters we can recognize certain contrasts but some we only start to realize nearer the middle of the play. The main contrast is between Romeo and Tybalt. These two characters are both great enemies but they are completely different. Romeo is quiet and in love, Romeo's quiet manner is the opposite of Tybalt's aggressive attitude, Tybalt is a fighter. He is full of hatred and revenge against the enemies of his household. While they are both fighting against each other Romeo is full of love and lust whereas Tybalt is full of hate and anger. This is a reason why the audience likes the Character Romeo and are drawn to him ahead of Tybalt as they prefer a 'lover' to a 'fighter.' ...read more.


At the start of the play Benvolio is caught in the middle of an attack on his friends but he still tries to calm down the situation "I do but keep the peace. Put up thy sword, or manage it to part these men with me." Even though he is being attacked he pulls away and tries to keep the peace. Mercutio and Benvolio are very good friends but Mercutio agitates people and in contrast Benvolio is easily agitated. Another contrast in the play is between is between Juliet and her nurse. The nurse is almost obsessed with sex and constantly refers to it whereas Juliet is traditional and laughs away at her nurses remarks, but generally tries to avoid her remarks. This personality is shown In the nurses quotes, after her meeting with Romeo she says "Nay I do bear! But as I said when it did taste the wormwood on the nipple." After the nurse says this phrase, Juliet's mother says "enough of this. I pray thee, hold thy peace." Juliet's mother clearly annoyed with the way the nurse speaks as both Juliet and her mother wants Juliet to fall in love, marry and have children with her husband. Juliet shows this love and lust for a husband when she is very agitated and inquisitive when the nurse arrives home from her meeting with Romeo and the way she will throw away a long running family feud for her feelings of love towards Romeo. ...read more.


Then the follow scene is between Romeo and Benvolio, Romeo pours out his heart to the audience about his sorrows for his love who he cannot have. From a huge fight scene to a sad scene of love sorrows Shakespeare introduces the play to his audience with a fight scene before causing them to be intrigued by Romeos heart broken personality. To conclude, I feel that Shakespeare brilliantly uses contrasting characters and a quick chain of events to try and keep his audience enthralled and interested in his play. The story happens over a few days but so much happens in these few days that they are packed with different events, leading the play to go from one event to another in a fast chain. The characters are completely different each bringing a new personality to the play, such as comedy, love, hate and loyalty. Shakespeare puts these characters as friends, enemies and lovers to show the contrasts between one and another through their relationships also. Shakespeare uses every emotion and every character to its full potential to make a huge contrast in characters and scenes which involves the audience as they can analysis these different roles. This builds up tension in the exciting scenes full of action and emotion keeping the audience enthralled by the play and interest because of Shakespeare's techniques. ...read more.

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