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How does Shakespeare portray the various perceptions of love in Romeo and Juliet?

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How does Shakespeare portray the various perceptions of love in Romeo and Juliet? The play we are studying was written by a very famous, well known English Elizabethan, Shakespeare. Who wrote over 40 different plays. The plays were so famous that we still study them today in modern society and some have even been made into blockbuster films. The play we are studying is Romeo and Juliet which is a romantic tragedy with love and passion involved. Not only is there love between lovers but familial love as well. Where the "star crossed lovers" are caught in the middle of an "ancient grudge" between their families which will lead to their deaths. In British history this play could be linked to the war of the Roses in the 1400's which lasted 30 years. The war was fought between the houses of Lancaster and York. The emblems of each family gave the war its name. This suggests that the war could have inspired Shakespeare to write this play which was a big event at the time. An Elizabethan audience understood second perception of love more than a modern audience as courtly love was more common in their culture. Romeo's parents and Benvolio are worried about him as they think he is love sick as he has "tears augmenting morning due" many mornings. ...read more.


But Lady Capulet does care about Juliet when she tries to get her a good husband but she only cares about wealth and position in society than personality when saying "By having him, making yourself no less." Nurse and Friar are portrayed as surrogate parents, which in Elizabethan times was very common for the rich to have someone close to the family to look after the children. Nurse is close to Juliet because she raised her from birth and she is Juliet's co-conspirator and she is always looking out for her as if she was her own. Shakespeare has adapted Nurse and Friar into the play to act as confidants for Romeo and Juliet so the audience can hear the thoughts and feelings of the lovers being told to someone. Friar and Nurse are the reason there was a wedding without their help they would have never gotten married. With the wedding happening the action speeds along. Friars motive is to become a hero in Verona, he's very passionate about this because he says "For this alliance may so happy prove, to turn your households' rancour to pure love." Nurse's motive is a life long devotion to Juliet she is like her own daughter and Juliet is her life. Unfortunately Nurse and Friar fail towards the end of the play with not sending the message to Romeo about Juliet's sleeping potion he also deserts Juliet out of fear. ...read more.


Juliet shows maturity when she rethinks about marrying Romeo once he's banished and thinks about her future when saying "methinks I see thee, now art so low, As one dead in the bottom of a tomb". Romeo also matures by not putting himself first before Juliet. He also finds the courage to overcome difficult situations and proves himself to be true and loyal to his commitments. Shakespeare delays their deaths by putting Paris and the Priest in the tomb which keeps the suspense and makes the play more interesting. Romeo and Juliet sacrifice their towns, families even their lives for each other. Romeo and Juliet is a great play because even though the audience knows how it ends people want to read or watch what happens because they want to know the point in the events, experience the climatic moments and find out why the characters motives lead to their tragic deaths. Also the play doesn't focus on one type of love they show many others including familial, loyalty, politics and passion making the play a lot more interesting. Romeo and Juliet is seen as a great play because it was one of the first love plays of all time which has inspired many others and is being studied and performed today years after it was written. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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