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How Does Shakespeare Present The Relationship Between Capulet and Juliet in Romeo and Juliet?

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How Does Shakespeare Present The Relationship Between Capulet and Juliet in ?Romeo and Juliet?? Although ?Romeo and Juliet? is a Tragic Romance it also explores the ever changing relationship between Juliet and her father. There are many factors as to how and why Romeo and Juliet died. The major contributor to the downfall of these lovers was Capulet, Juliet's own father. He brought upon the death of Juliet by forcing her to marry Paris, separating her from Romeo, and rejecting her. Shakespeare?s initial portrayal of Capulet is of a kind and loving father. By saying that Juliet ?is the hopeful lady of my earth? shows how special their bond is through the metaphor ?earth?. By doing this he is comparing her to everything there is. ?Hopeful? gives the impression that he has many expectations of her and that she is of use to him. Capulet continues to say that "my will to her consent" which emphasises his deep, caring nature as he feels that Juliet is yet a "stranger? to society. To a typical modern audience, Capulet?s response is unsurprising as Juliet is far too young to marry. In Shakespeare's time however, the father would be expected to control many aspects of his daughter?s life. The majority of the Elizabethans would have been mildly surprised at Capulet for offering the "choice" to the 13-year-old Juliet. ...read more.


The message that Shakespeare himself wants to convey is that daughters should be treated with a certain level of respect and be able to have the freedom in which they deserve. They must not be suppressed to the point where they would betray you in the worst possible ways only to hurt themselves in the end. On the other hand, it could also mean that Shakespeare wants to show the daughters that any way you do it, betraying your father would only lead to self destruction. But overall, he did not agree with the choices that people were making around him and he expressed his opinions through his plays, in hope that the people would be affected by his stories and influence then to change accordingly. The understanding between father and daughter appears to be very distant in Act 3 scene 5. The amount of commas and exclamation marks increase in Capulet?s speech as his anger escalates indicating a louder, more aggressive tone; "hang thee, young baggage, disobedient wretch!?. Juliet?s disobedience becomes clearer to Capulet, making his speech more rapid and broken. Capulet repeats the word ?how? over in confusion. It has never struck him that Juliet might ever go against him. He is bewildered and asks in surprise ?is she not proud?? He expects her to be happy that he has found her a match but is shocked that she doesn?t accept it. ...read more.


This reaction is very different from Capulet?s and Paris?s which seem staged and fake. They only talk about how Juliet?s death affects them. Capulet goes on about the wedding, showing his self centeredness saying things such as ?oh son before the wedding day?. Whilst Lady Capulet and the nurse complete iambic pentameter mirroring their sorrow; Paris and Capulet also do this showing the audience how compatible they are with each other. This brings us to think that maybe "our wedding cheer to sad burial" means that instead of doing a grand wedding Capulet is going to make a grand funeral to raise his hierarchy. If Juliet was Capulet?s "earth" then he, in no doubt, was the sun. Everything seemed to revolve around him as he always tried to be in control using any means necessary. He was constantly out to impress people just to raise his status. At first Capulet was portrayed as being very kind and thoughtful towards Juliet but soon his true colours were brought to the surface through his aggressive language and violent actions. Juliet was forced into a corner by Capulet who was trying to make her marry Paris. Because of his rash behaviour and violent attitude Juliet died a tragic death. Only then was his pride so hurt that he forgave his ?ancient? enemy; The Montague?s. Overall their relationship was that of mistrust and deception and the end of Juliet was therefore inevitable. ...read more.

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