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How does Shakespeare present the relationship between Juliet and the Nurse, Romeo and the Friar? How do these relationships compare to the lovers' relationship with the parents?

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How does Shakespeare present the relationship between Juliet and the Nurse, Romeo and the Friar? How do these relationships compare to the lovers' relationship with the parents? "Romeo and Juliet" is set in the beautiful city of "fair Verona". "A pair of star-crossed lovers" have to deal deception and manipulation to exercise their love. Their families are great enemies with a long running feud. Both have weak relationships with their parents but have very close relationships with two other people. This play was written in the 16th century, 400 years ago by William Shakespeare. It a play love, hatred, trust, revenge, manipulation, deception and parent-child relationships. The nurse acts a prestigious link between the audience and the concept of the play. When this play was written, 400 years ago, the kinds of people that went to the theatre to watch this were of the working class. The nurse is also of working class so the audience feel that they can relate to her and that they are on common ground. In act 1 scene 3 when Shakespeare uses the line "Madam, I am here. What is your will?" he forces the audience to believe that Juliet shows great respect and deference to her mother. ...read more.


She is certain of Juliet's age and her parents aren't this shows just how close she and Juliet are. In act 2 scene 3 Friar refers to Romeo using the word "Son" and Romeo to the Friar as "Father". This indicates that there is a father-son relationship. By the Friar questioning Romeo's previous 'love' for Rosaline by asking "Is Rosaline...so soon forsaken?" he is showing the audience that Romeo had confided in him before and indicating at their tight bond. It also shows that the Friar has picked up on Romeos fickleness. Friar says to Romeo "Young men's love then lies, not in their hearts but in their eyes" this is saying that Romeo was only in 'love' with Rosaline because she was beautiful and not for what was inside of her. This points to Romeo's fickleness. It also points to the father son relationship because it is a father like statement. Later in this scene Friar refers to Romeo as his "pupil" indicating that not only could it be a father son relationship but a pupil student relationship. The Friar also nicknames Romeo "Young waverer" which is referring to the fact that he can't make up his mind about who is in love from one moment to the next and that they are so close that he can give him a nickname. ...read more.


They all trust one and other and none of them betray another person's trust. This is what true friendship is about. This is what Shakespeare is trying to say. Notice that The Nurse didn't care that Romeo was a Montague but she saw that Juliet was happy and that was all that mattered and this is the same for the Friar. Manipulation, deception and lying is all part of a 'normal' parent-child relationship. This is more than apparent in this play. Both Romeo and Juliet have to lie to their parents as they do not want them to know that they are in love with the sworn enemy. Juliet has to pretand that see is going to shrift when really see is going to marry the sworn enemy. She has to pretend that she does not want to marry Paris because she does not feel ready. But the audience knows better, they know that the reason is because she is already married to Romoe. Obviously love is the most obvious of the themes, it is the the one that the whole play is based upon. Two madly in love teenagers are struck by the arrow of love. They have to do through so much so that they can be together. They are prepared to risk all they have ...read more.

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