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How does Shakespeare present the sisters in, 'The Taming of the shrew'?

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English Essay How does Shakespeare present the sisters in, 'The Taming of the shrew'? This essay is on the playwright called The Taming of the shrew, and is written by William Shakespeare. The book or play was written in 1594 and was very successful. This play is about a group of villagers in everyday life but there are particular characters that stand out. The title of the play is, the taming of the shrew, and is based on trying to tame a particular person, in this case the person they are trying to tame is Katherina. Katherina is Baptista's eldest daughter and is very ill tempered and does not seem to have any respect for anybody. Baptista also has a younger daughter, Bianca, who comes across as quite quiet and cannot come out with a bad word. A man comes into the play, his name Petruchio. He comes from a place called Verona and seeks a wealthy wife and thus finds Katherina. ...read more.


Katherina has Bianca's wrists binded and is screaming at her, she says, "Minion, thou liest! Is't not Hortensio?" Minion, which is a term to describe a spoilt favourite child, is what Katherina is shouting at her younger sister. This then proves to us, the reader, that Katherina is the bully to her sister, Bianca. Bianca is trying to get away from her sister and is pleading let her go. We can see that Bianca is scared of Katherina when she says, "If you affect him, sister, here I swear I'll plead for you myself but you shall have him" This line is about Hortensio. At this point Bianca is saying anything to get away from her sister. Shakespeare does well at presenting these two characters as good and evil. Bianca being the good character and Katherina being the bad. Katherina then strikes her younger sister Bianca with her hand. Just as this happens their father, Baptista enters the room. He unties Bianca's hands. ...read more.


Shakespeare still goes about presenting Kate as a shrew and is still rude to everybody and still has no respect for any being around her. They then continue to talk to each other and the insults are still flying in Petruchio's direction. She says to Petruchio, "If I be waspish, best beware my sting" She is basically telling Petruchio that she is a bad person and that she is a tricky task to take on and she knows it. Petruchio then replies to that by saying, "My remedy is then to pluck it out" This tells us that eh likes her enough to continue trying to court her and that her likes the thought of trying to tame her and knows that he is up for the task. They then continue to talk for a few pages, while Katherina is trying to convince Petruchio that she is not the right woman for him, but he does not give in. Shakespeare continues to present Katherina in this way to make her seem like she is not interested in anybody else but herself and he continues to do this for several pages. ...read more.

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