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How does Shakespeare present the two different worlds of court life and the rural idyll of the Golden Age in As You Like It

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How does Shakespeare present the 2 different worlds of court life and the rural idyll of the "Golden Age" in As You Like It In Shakespeare's play As You Like It Shakespeare presents the two different worlds of court life and the country life by making the court a place of corruption. With People like Oliver and his attempt to Burn Orlando alive in his stable and getting Charles the wrestler to kill Orlando in a wrestling match "And this night he means to burn the lodging where you use to lie, and you within it. If he fail of that, he will have other means to cut you off." This also shows that the court can be a very violent place if you are in a bad position. Whereas the country is a place of peace and perfection as Duke Senior and his lords comment upon "Hath not old custom made this life more sweet than that of painted pomp" That shows that the court is a place of happiness but material happiness, and that the country is a place of real happiness. ...read more.


This quote shows the sheer extent the jealousy of some people could reach and how jealousy can lead to doing wrong and thinking irrationally. But at the same time we have seen the healing and restorative powers the forest has. "The hath put on a religious life And thrown into neglect the pompous court" The drastic change the Duke ad experienced from a life of being a Tyrannous leader, intent on killing his brother and Rosalind to being a peaceful religious person shows how magical and powerful the forest can be. The forest's power is also exhibited earlier on in the play on Oliver as he is converted to a better, kinder and loving person. "I do not shame To tell you what I was since my conversion So sweetly it tastes being the thing I am" This is yet another example of how nothing dangerous can enter the forest, and also shows how powerful the forest is. But cruelty co-exists at the same time in the forest because as I have previously highlighted in my essay food is the cause of this. ...read more.


In this quote Corin is talking debating with Touchstone about the differences between court life and country life and Corin is talking so wisely with his home-spun philosophy that Touchstone even thought that Corin had once been a courtier. The forest also seems to be a place of love because as we could see with how quickly Celia and Oliver had fallen in love. " for your brother and my sister no sooner met, but they looked; No sooner looked but they loved" In this scene Rosalind is describing how quickly Celia and oliver had fallen in love, they had both met and they had both instantly fallen in love with each other. In conclusion I say that Shakespeare had presented the Rural country like and the Court life by making the court life a bad place to live in but a good place if the right person is leading, Shakespeare had also made the forest a perfect place to live in but at the same time as we saw with the snake, lion and hunger that the forest itself has major flaws.Therefore this means that Shakespeare presented both places as great places to live in. Andrew Joseph 10S ...read more.

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