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How Does shakespeare represent Men

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Sparkle and Sea "MUM!" I yelled. "Mum you've got a phone call! Mum!!!!" I screamed my lungs out. I look into her bedroom and nothing is there but the duvet hung out of the window. I'm very disappointed and angry. This is the 5th time she has done this to me in a week. Every Sunday evening she makes a promise to me, that she will be good to me, herself and everyone else from then on. I am sick and tired of her making promises that she will never keep. "Sparkle darling, I've got something extremely important to tell you..." I get anxious. "... I know I haven't really been a good mother lately, I have been really evil and I'm sozzy. ...read more.


It is 5:15am; I should be sleeping and you should be in the kitchen? How many times have I forgiven you? I'm sick and tired for waiting for endless days and nights, with your slutty tops and not even a skirt or anything else below!! You are soo grounded! In fact, I'm going to put bricks in your window, so you can never EVER sneak out!" Without stupid of me noticing, I see a figure come out of the shadow, and no it wasn't Maria the old nosey landlady....... It was a man!! Children don't mix with Men! "Spark baby, this is Jack my boyfriend," She whimpers. "You're what?! How long have you been going out for?" I ask very parental. ...read more.


Jack creeps out. Mum and I say "Oh no you're not going ANYWHERE!" I run up the stairs and slam the door. Finally, away from the outside world. The shocking scary surprise I look at myself in the mirror and think 'how did I get myself into this mess?' Well it wasn't up to me, it was up to her and... who's my dad anyway? I'll ask her in the morning. How do I look like her? I have bright auburn hair but a frizzy fringe that reaches my knees! She has straight blonde hair. I have small dark green mirror eyes, and she has huge brown eyes! I have a thin short nose, and a lippy long stocking mouth. She has a fat nose and fat lip. The difference is that we soo don't look alike. When we're walking down Mairfay market, Mr Jackburn says 'does your mate wanna apple pie as well?' I laugh ...read more.

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