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How does Shakespeare resolve the problems he creates in the play "Twelfth Night"?

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How does Shakespeare resolve the problems he creates in the play? In The play "Twelfth Night" Shakespeare resolves the problems he creates in the play In a variety of ways. Twelfth Night is a traditional Shakespearean comedy, full of confusion, disguised identity and a ending where most of the main characters marry one another these includes...Olivia, Sebastain, Sir Toby and Maria end up marrying, Orsino, Viola Although the date is unknown when the play was written it was first preferred in 1602. It is not really what we call comedy in relation to what we call comedy today. At the time it would have been consider as a comedy because the kinds of things it was about. Viola is one of the main characters in the play and her problems start at the very beginning. She is ship wrecked; she wants to hide away from being recognized and needs money. Shakespeare solves this problem for her straight away by sending her to work as a servant for Orison. Act 1 Scene2 she asks the sea captain for help "Conceal me what I am, and be my aid. ...read more.


His problem also starts straight away. Olivia will not go out with him. He's stubborn and refuses to take n for an answer In Act 2 scene 4 Orsino says "There is no woman's sides can bide the beating of so strong a passion as love doth give my heart" This problem take a long time to be solved he no longer needs Olivia when Viola is revealed to be a woman. The final problem which we don't see get solved is he thinks cesario has double crossed him and got Olivia to fall in love with him behind Orison back. "I'll sacrifice the lamb that I do love to spite a raven's heart within a dove. Sir Toby is a moody person who loves to drink a lot. He is a pain I this play for Olivia. He has upset Olivia household by constantly getting drunk and staying out late with Sir Andrew. Sir Toby argues that he and his friend were born only to enjoy themselves. In Act 1 scene 3 Sir Andrew says "Shall we set about some revels?" ...read more.


Fabian says "this was a great argument of love in her towards you." Sebastain is another character what is shipwrecked. He is very upset like viola because he too is ship wrecked and believes his sister is dead, when saved by Antonio he says in act 2 scene 1 ". For some hour before you took me from the breach of the sea was my sister drowned." He has no money or friends in Illyria the solution for this problem comes towards the near of the play. He finds his sister "thrice welcome drowned viola" he repays Sir Andrew for forcing his sister into duel by beating him. Sir Toby says, " that's all one; he's hurt me, and there's he end on't." Antonio gives him money "hold sir, here's my purse" Shakespeare used allot of different solutions to solve all the problems but left a few of the problems to make you think on about the play. All the solution all link up in the end. I personally thought some of the solutions was a bit confusing but this made you concentrated on the plot more and what is happening. He made almost every character interesting by given them different problems and solutions. ...read more.

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