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How does Shakespeare use dramatic devices to show evil in the opening of Macbeth?

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How does Shakespeare use dramatic devices to show evil in the opening of Macbeth? There are many kinds of dramatic devices used to create a certain atmosphere or feeling in a play; short sentences, dramatic irony, contrast, suspense, surprise etc. Shakespeare uses many of these devices to show evil in the opening of Macbeth. Probably the most common, and almost the most obvious device is rhyming couplets. There are many points throughout the play where a character ends a speech or reply with rhyming couplets. This almost always shows two things; that the character has made a final decision, and that the scene has ended. ...read more.


Short sentences are easy to use, and to notice, and are also very effective. Despite the fact that short sentences are productive, too many can make an audience lose the point. When used right, they emphasise a point that would be glossed over in a long sentence, and they can also create another dramatic device: contrast. One of the most effective short sentences in the beginning of Macbeth, was used in one of Macbeth's speeches; 'I go and it is done.'. Like it was explained before, this is an extremely effective example because it puts the point of how ready he is across to the audience. ...read more.


Eventually, Malcom finds out, Macbeth in tow, that his father is dead, and when Lady Macbeth comes to see 'What's the business,...' Macduff refers to her as 'O gentle lady'. This on the audience's part is supremely ironic, as before they heard Lady Macbeth's speech, asking spirits to 'unsex' her, make her less womanly by taking her 'milk for gall'. Furthermore, it was Lady Macbeth who persuaded Macbeth to commit the murder, further along the play, by coming up with a plan for him and using emotional blackmail when he changes his mind about the murder. She tells him 'Such I account thy love', meaning his love for her is worthless as a drunken promise is he does not go ahead with killing Duncan. So, at this point, in the eyes of the audience, Lady Macbeth is anything but a 'gentle lady'. ...read more.

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