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How does Shakespeare use Lady Macbeth to add drama to the play?

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´╗┐How does Shakespeare use Lady Macbeth to add drama to the play? In the play Macbeth, William Shakespeare presents the dark queen which is Macbeth?s wife, very differently, then to stereotypical women at these times. She is equal not hesitating to say dominant in their relationship. In this essay I?ll be exploring her character and presenting how she adds drama to the play. Lady Macbeth adds drama to the play in different ways. One of those is language. There is a lot of dramatic and violent imagery used in the play. Her speeches send shivers down the spine when she talks about ?dashing the brains out? and ?plugging her nipples? from the baby?s ?boneless gums? and also form these sentences we can realise how strong and honourable she is. These horrific images show the despicable most horrible deed a mother can commit and she would not hesitate to do those deeds if she only swore to. She uses very violent and horrifying words and phrases which give the play the intense effect and actually qualify the play as a triadic play. It would also interest the audience as it?s a tense and dramatic scene which truly shows the dark side of Lady Macbeth. Also she mentions other horrible things like darkness, supernatural events and witchcraft. Witchcraft is a quite important theme in the play as the three witches have a mystical relationship with Macbeth and similarly to Lady Macbeth guide him through his career. ...read more.


She questions his manhood and emphasises how true you should be to your promise. All of these things make the play interesting and thrilling and finally help Macbeth become king. When Macbeth finally achieves his heart desire his relationship with Lady Macbeth dramatically changes. He becomes much more independent and confident which is an unexpected surprise in the play. At this point he starts to make decision on his own without even asking for Lady Macbeth?s opinion. It started with him killing the guards and then leads to more serious events like the attempted assassination of Banquo and his son where only Banquo?s son escapes. This also shows how when you obtain power you?re always hungry for more and that hunger can cause serious damage like destroy the special bond between two people. It seemed that their relationship suffered major hit but Lady Macbeth was still there for him and not failed to protect him when he started to see Banquo?s ghost. She had to act quickly and she managed to persuade the people and turned it on them that the king is having bad days and they making it worse by staring and asking questions. This proves how she loved him to the end and stayed by his side, even when it seemed he had no more feelings for her. ...read more.


She was a strong fierce women at the beginning of the play but as the bad ?deeds? where committed her character changed over time. She was weak, having nightmares, and even feeling pity. This is a big twist in the play as no one suspected a tough women like that would ever brake. She has nightmares of her trying to wash blood of her hands, blood of the king. All these events lead to her breakdown and the ?nice? side of her is shown where she feels guilty and feels sympathy for the king. Even though she wasn?t the one to stab the king she is as equal of the murder just as Macbeth or even more as she was the one who forced Macbeth into committing the evil deed. At the end she can?t live on with the knowledge of what she and her husband have done and commits rather sad suicide. I think Shakespeare really emphasised on the way she suffered to show how evil is to kill a king and that karma exists and it will hunt you down. In conclusion I think she is more of a drama queen and she got what she deserved. Harsh words you might say but that is the price you have to pay if you take someone?s life as no human in the world has the right and shouldn?t have the power to take someone else?s life. This shows how if you?re hungry for power you?re lives are short and miserable. ...read more.

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