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How does Shakespeare use language and dramatic devices to communicate Romeo's mood at different points in the play?

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How does Shakespeare use language and dramatic devices to communicate Romeos mood at different points in the play? 'Romeo and Juliet' is arguably one of the most powerful love stories written by the great William Shakespeare. It portrays a tale of two doomed lovers embroiled in a world of lies, deceit, and fuelled by violence. The play takes place over three days in a suburban town in Italy known as Verona. The play tells the tale of a love sick, adolescent boy, Romeo and a traditional, upper class girl, Juliet who both fall in love. However to their distress they shortly discover that they cant be together due to the families who have been sworn enemies of one and another for generations, Romeo being a Montague and Juliet a Capulet. Romeo and Juliet do secretly wed, however, later both loose their lives in tragic circumstances. William Shakespeare shows that the two lovers had to go through so much needless violence and hate just so they could succeed in their love and be free yet so much violence and hatred leads to both of the lover's deaths. Romeo goes through much change of emotion throughout the play, and it appears that he is in love with falling in love, as at first he is in love with a woman called Roseline. He is totally in love with this woman as he is constantly mourning the fact that it is unrequited love, as Roseline does not share Romeos feelings. ...read more.


Furthermore the up to date version makes it more relevant to today's audience. In Baz Luhrmann's film version of the play, Romeo delivers the famous balcony scene in a mansion. He is then looking up at Juliet and very passionately delivers the speech. If I were to direct the play I would have Romeo looking up at Juliet at her balcony giving the notion of heaven and Juliet being an angel, furthermore this is also a dramatic device and it makes this scene more memorable for the audience. Although, in the original piece Juliet was not actually at a balcony. I would have Romeo deliver the lines with a very profound and intense facial expression and an exceptionally passionate and loving tone of voice. This would help portray Romeos love sick, infatuated and affectionate mood along with his excited feelings. He would be in the centre of the stage moving swiftly and lovingly, his actions would be very free flowing as he is in love and very blissful. In between Act 2 Scene 2 and Act 3 Scene 3 there are major events, which take place one of them being the marriage of Romeo and Juliet. With the help of Friar Lawrence secretly weds Romeo and Juliet. They both meet up in a remotely secluded area were they both marry without knowledge of either Romeos or Juliet's parents. ...read more.


Romeo is trying to seek hope as he is anxious of meeting Juliet and afraid of losing her. Friar Lawrence sends Romeo to Juliet, warning him to leave early for the Mantua and await news. "Sojourn (stay, wait) in Mantua: I'll find out your man, and he shall signify from time to time every good hap to you that chances here." Romeo is calm as Friar settles him down with his plan and sends him to enjoy the rest of his wedding day with his loving wife Juliet. He ends the scene with some hope for the future. Romeo's mood changes radically throughout the course of the play. He is portrayed as being an extremely mercurial character as his mood is constantly changing from a positive one to a negative one. In the first speech he is very positive and in an extremely up-beat mood as he is fanatically in love, while in the second speech, he is absolutely devastated as all of this sudden happiness has all took a drastic turn for the worse which drops his mood severely. Through Shakespeare's choice of language and imagery, Romeo comes across as being a very mercurial character as his moods change from joyful to distressing, constantly throughout the play. Among many other things, one thing, which you can derive from 'Romeo and Juliet', is that Romeos deep love for Juliet remained constant showing that Romeos and Juliet's love was absolutely true. Assan Hussain 10LS Romeo + Juliet ...read more.

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