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How does Shakespeare use the female characters to show different views on love and marriage, if you could play one of these characters which one and why?

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How does Shakespeare use the female characters to show different views on love and marriage, if you could play one of these characters which one and why? When Shakespeare wrote the play it was normal for the father in the family to arrange a marriage for their daughters and could even force them to get married. The higher in society you were the less chance you would have had on choosing whom you wished to marry. Whereas nowadays you arrange your marriage between yourself and your partner. It seems to matter to Lord Capulet who Juliet marries and he wants her to be happy. He is pleased with Paris as he is related to the prince so they will be able to form an alliance, and he seems an honourable man. The age of Juliet was a normal age to consider marriage Paris says "younger than she are happy mothers made" and it was usual for a girl of thirteen to marry someone older such as nineteen or older. This was because marriage was about the money and social arrangements rather than love. In act one scene three, Shakespeare has all three women characters together. Although you have seen lady Capulet before this is the scene you see her character properly. ...read more.


When Romeo comes forward she is already worried of his safety when she says "the orchard walls are hard to climb, And the place of death, considering who thou art, If any kinsmen find thee here." But he obviously feels the same for Juliet, but she herself is not yet sure if he does. She is worried that she has told him that she loves him too soon and it is too quick as a woman in Shakespeare days around the 15th century was meant to wait a while. "If thou dost love, pronounce it faithfully; Or if thou think'st I am too quickly won" Juliet is the first one to mention marriage and makes him swear he loves her. Juliet tells the nurse about Romeo, and the nurse gets carried away with it as all she wants if for Juliet to be happy. Her loyalties should be towards lady Capulet as she has been hired by her but she loves Juliet too much. She goes to the market place to give Romeo a message they tease her and tell jokes. She tries to be a lady but she finds their jokes funny and can not help but laugh. ...read more.


Just before she takes the potion she shows her love once again by making it as a toast to Romeo. The final scene with Juliet in is when she wakes in the tomb to find Romeo dead by her side. He had died for her as she dies for him. She says "poison I see hath been his timeless end. O churl, drunk all, and left no friendly drop." She is so upset in the end she stabs her self with Romeo's dagger she feels she cannot live without him and life is not worth living. Juliet went from being a sweet innocent girl not knowing of love to dying because she loved too much. I think the way Shakespeare wrote it he meant to show that it was too rushed and too passionate for it to last. If I had to play one of the characters in the play I would play Juliet. She has a part full of confusion and different emotions. One if the scenes I would enjoy playing it the final scene where she dies. As she is very dramatic and very confused, and in love and various emotions all mixed up. The way Shakespeare would have done it I think would be set back in the inner stage which would be set up like a tomb, but if it were in a film they would be able to use a real tomb. ...read more.

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