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How does Shakespeare use the supernatural to dramatic effect in 'Macbeth?'

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How does Shakespeare use the supernatural to dramatic effect in 'Macbeth?' Shakespeare uses a lot of supernatural happenings in 'Macbeth' to give the story a different level of excitement and story telling. The three witches are the main source of supernatural happenings, but the ghost of Banquo, the dagger and the apparition are also included to give the tale of 'Macbeth' a twist and we soon find out all is not as obvious as it first appears. In this essay I will be explaining what I feel to be the main ways Shakespeare has put the dramatic effect across. "When shall we three meet again?" "In thunder, lightening or in rain?" These are the first two lines of the play, which straight away give the audience something interesting to make you want to continue reading the book. ...read more.


After killing King Duncan and Banquo Macbeth soon finds himself in charge of Scotland he holds a banquet in Act three, Scene five. Where the ghost of Banquo appears as an illusion in Macbeth's mind. Everyone at the banquet, including lady Macbeth is confused and puzzled about Macbeth's weird public behaviour. Macbeth was cracking up starting to give the game away about the murders of the King and Banquo so lady Macbeth decides to usher everyone out before Macbeth gives too much away. From this point lady Macbeth starts to feel isolated and by the time we get to, Act five, scene one she is imagining the blood of Duncan all over her hands and is seen to b trying to wash her hands while sleepwalking. ...read more.


In conclusion Shakespeare uses a lot of dramatic effect, supernatural happenings and even irony to very good use in 'Macbeth' it gives the story a good twist and keeps the audience glued so they can find out what is going to happen next in the story. At the time 'Macbeth' was written anyone whom was suspected of being a witch of performing any kind of witchcraft was banished and killed by being burnt or hung. Also anyone who was a traitor to King or country would have been hung. So when Shakespeare wrote the tale of Macbeth he was being very politically incorrect which may be why the story of 'Macbeth' is so popular. So I believe that Shakespeare used the supernatural happening to dramatic effects very well to portray a very good supernatural story. ...read more.

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