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How does Shelagh Delaney present thechanging facets of Jo's character?

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How does Shelagh Delaney present the changing facets of Jo's character? I am going to explain how Shelagh Delaney presents the changing facets of Jo's character. The play was written in the 1950s and was first performed in 1958. The play is about a girl and her mother move to a grubby flat and area with no men in their life, but all changes when Helen meets Peter and Jo meet Boy. Then Jo gets pregnant with the black boy, and then meets and shares a flat with Geof, a young homosexual. ...read more.


At the beginning of the play Jo is organized, capable and critical of her mother, we know because she says ' You're knocking it worst than ever'. This makes us think that Helen has a drinking problem in the past. Also in Act one scene one Jo shows she is organized by saying ' I'm going to unpack my bulbs. I wonder where I can out them'. Then she changes when she meets Peter and becomes more jealous, quarrelsome and annoying. When Helen leaves Jo becomes more resentful and feels hurt and unloved. ...read more.


Jo changes though the play one example of this is her opinion on poor housing. At the start of the play she say 'And I don't like it' expressing her self about the flat, but as the play goes on she accepts the conditions. In conclusion to this Jo's character turns out to be the same as her mother, a single mother. Jo will not be able to break to cycle of deprivation. Shelagh Delaney purpose of written the play in my mind is to show the Britain that single parenting does happen and homosexuality was about. I think she succeeds in showing Britain that single parenting does happen and homosexuality was about. ...read more.

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