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How does Shelley present relationships between men and women?

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How does Shelley present relationships between men and women? Shelley present relationships between men and women in various ways but they all have an inter-linking message within them. This is that women are dependent on men in the majority of relationships. Shelley uses characters as examples of different relationships; for example Caroline and Alphonse's relationship is a very loving one. All that Frankenstein says of his parents his good things, for example he says, "Active spirit of tenderness that animated both," the majority of descriptions of their relationships is similar to this. Their relationship effectively creates a benchmark with which to compare all the other relationships with. None of the others is anywhere nears as perfect as theirs is described. In comparison to their relationship Walton's relationship with his sister is significantly less passionate. Walton expresses his love for his sister occasionally, he says, "I love you very tenderly," he is however not in touch with the emotional turmoil you would expect his sister to be going through. ...read more.


He also expresses no desire in the chapters of his exile of a desire to see her again. It again shows his complete absence of caring for another. An example of a relationship of caring is that of Alphonse and Caroline, but more interesting is that of Victor and his mother. She loved him very dearly, enough so that she got him a sister/cousin as a gift. Victor was cared for greatly by his parents; this seems to have a negative effect on him though. Shelley presents relationships as a good start, for example, Victor and Elizabeth enjoyed a happy child together, very happy Victor recalls. Then as he leaves for University their relationship becomes ever worse, until he completely ignores, and pretty much forgets about her existence. The same is said for Caroline and Alphonse, they were so happy together until Victor was about to go off to university, then Caroline dies. The idea you get from relationships in Frankenstein is that relationships between men and women do not have happy endings, they are always panged by pain and suffering. ...read more.


It is the same with Walton, he has gone off on a trip with what appears to be no consultation with is dearest, which we can gather easily from his personality. Again in the way that Shelley has presented the relationships between men and women, she has expressed her feminist opinion on how women are forced to give in to men. This is where the role of the monster comes in, it wants a female for companionship, a woman as an equal. The monster represents the relationship that feminists want; he doesn't want to dominate a relationship, where the woman has to depend on the man. The way Shelley presents relationships seem very feministic, men are portrayed as selfish and ignorant, while women are portrayed essentially as the heroines, for example Justine. She dies with honor, while Victor is portrayed as self-centered. S well as feminist opinions being expressed, there is a general feeling that relationship will eventually fail and are often painful. Shelley uses relationships to express her opinions. ...read more.

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