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How Does Silas Marner Change And Develop During The Course Of This Novel.

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How Does Silas Marner Change And Develop During The Course Of This Novel During the course of this novel Silas Marner's life undergoes some dramatic changes. These changes affect his life in many different ways. He had to learn to cope when he was betrayed by the people he trusted the most. He was forced to move to a village where he becomes distant from the community. Silas had no real love for anything apart from money. When this was stolen, Silas found himself heart broken. A young girl brings joy into his life and he learns to love again. His love for her brings him into the community where his faiths and beliefs are brought back to him once more. The story begins with Silas living in a quiet village called Raveloe. He is a bitter, angry, indignant man who lives in self-imposed isolation, away from the other villagers. The reason for his way of living started fifteen years ago in an industrial village called Lantern Yard. He was a weaver and part of a religious sect. He is kind hearted and popular among the other villagers, he had good knowledge of herbal remedies but believed that faith in itself was good enough to cure anyone. ...read more.


The villagers did not understand Silas's ways and were confused at why he wouldn't help them. This distanced Silas further from the villagers. Silas had also shown emotions for house hold utensils. He had an earthenware pot which had been with him for several years and had been used every day to collect water. One day the pot was broken and Silas was devastated. Instead of throwing the pot away, as there seemed to be no use for it any more, he carefully placed it back on the shelf, propping 'the ruin in its old place for a memorial'. This unusual behaviour shows that he had chosen objects as company because they could not criticise him or hurt him in any way. One night when returning home from delivering some linen, Silas settled down and went to collect his money from his hiding place ready to marvel at. To his horror the money did not appear to be there 'The sight of the empty hole made his heart beat violently'. This money was Silas's life, without this what would he do? He was determined that he had misplaced the money 'he turned his bed over and shook it'. It took Silas a very long time for him to get over the loss of his gold that he had loved as a companion for so many years. ...read more.


He started to go back to church and interact with his neighbours. Silas's gold was hard and had no real purpose but Eppie was alive and needed a different type of attention, which brought Silas back into the community. Eppie brought all Silas's old memories back and made him think about living the way he had before and he started to get back into his old habits 'sitting on the banks, Silas began to look for those once familiar herbs'. Silas got very attached to the child and started to think of her as his own. She escaped from the loom one day and Silas was heartbroken once again but when he found her he was so relieved 'overcome with convulsive joy at finding his treasure'. Before his treasure had been his gold but now his new treasure was Eppie. When Silas first moved to Raveloe his life was dark and his eyes were narrow looking no further than his gold. He did not want or need friends because he believed they would let him down. Eppie opened his eyes to a new life, one containing happiness and joy 'his large brown eyes seem to have gathered a longer vision as is the way with eyes that have been short sighted in earlier life'. The novel shows that all love should be cherished especially the love for life and happiness that Silas found with Eppie. ...read more.

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