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How does Sir Arthur Doyle create mystery and intrigue in the “Speckled Band” and to what extent his mentors typical of the other stories in “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes?”

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Marwa Sadik Yr.10 English Coursework How does Sir Arthur Doyle create mystery and intrigue in the "Speckled Band" and to what extent his mentors typical of the other stories in "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes?" The famous books of Sir Arthur Doyle are read all over the world, and they set in late Victorian England. Doyle's stories are known for their mystery, and also famous of containing clues. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes was the first collection of "Baker Street" was the first to be brought into one volume. The first chapter of The Speckled Band" you see the narrator describing the famous detective, and why does he take the ...read more.


And even the fantastic" This part was saying that Holmes does not accept any investigation, but he chooses the good ones only, which means that the readers have an enjoyable and interesting mystery to read. Mostly in the first chapter the narrator talks about the story, and makes it look interesting to the reader so the reader would keep on reading, and asking for more. You don't see the narrator only talking about the interesting parts, but you also see a similarity between this story and " The Five Orange Pips", because in this story he also talks about the case having an " Such a singular details." ...read more.


case creates more supine in the story, and makes the reader think if the story would be like the one in " A scandal In Bohemia". Also the purpose of making the clients identity unsown in the beginning makes the reader want to read more to know why is the client hiding his face. When the lady approaches Holmes house, it was said that she was shivering, which gives us two ideas that either she was cold, or afraid of something. However, in the next few lines she explains why she was shivering; "let is not cold which makes me shiver," But its; "It is fear, Mr. Holmes. It is terror." ...read more.

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