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How does Steinbeck make his portrayal of Curleys wife so memorable and significant?

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How does Steinbeck make his portrayal of Curley?s wife so memorable and significant? There are many ways in which Steinbeck displays Curley?s wife in a way that makes her an unforgettable and an important character. The first time she appears in the novel is when Lennie and George arrive at the ranch and she steps in. She is described as a good-looking lady who wears quite a bit of makeup wearing a dress; she wears clothes that you wouldn?t usually see a woman in the ranch dress like. The way she interacts with the men is different to how you would normal as she?s very provocative and flirtatious. She does this by coming up to the ranchmen showing off her figure or by saying flirty sayings like, ?nobody don?t blame a person for lookin?? But the reason she tries to do this all is because she is lonely and sad. ...read more.


So the men were desperate to get a job in order to get the main facilities like food and shelter. The ranch they were at meant that they couldn?t say a word wrong or else they?d be sacked as the boss has plenty of other men to choose from, this is why the ranchmen try to avoid her as they could potentially lose their job if they get themselves into a mess. She is expected to do everything Curley tells her to do, for example he makes it clear that she should stay at home and she fears him. At one point of the story, she find out that Curley is going into the house and she rushes home before he find out that she was not there. She is scared that he would physically torture her. Curley has a glove full of Vaseline showing that he torments her and physically abuses her but using the Vaseline would be she would be left with bruises. ...read more.


Furthermore she isn?t expected to work which add to her loneliness because unlike the men, they have work to take them off their loneliness and they have a ranch house where they can play cards with other men. But Curley?s wife belongs to the home where Curley hardly is and so spends her time in misery. In conclusion I think that Curley?s wife memorable and significant character using Steinbeck?s portrayal because he used a series of descriptions showing how Curley?s wife is discriminated greatly due to her gender. Simple things like having people around you had a great impact on Curley?s wife as she is very lonely and all she wants is the attention of someone who would give it. Also being in a loveless marriage would mean that she didn?t really love him as he doesn?t love her but she married him as he provides her with the food, money and shelter. ...read more.

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