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How Does Steinbeck Portray The Harsh Lives Of The Workers Of the Great Depresion

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How Does Steinbeck Portray the Harsh Lives Of the Workers I hope this essay will show you how the workers of the American Great depression of 1937 struggled to survive in the harsh environment that was their work place. Many people from the cities of America had to give up their lives and start again in the country working on ranches shifting corn and grain getting paid very little. Workers of the Great Depression had few possessions. Many only had blanket rolls, wash kit, a small amount of tinned food and what little money they could earn. They had few possessions for two reasons; one, because they couldn't afford many possessions and also because they found it easier because they are constantly on the move. This represents there harsh life because it illustrates that they have no were to call home. Many workers spent their money fast during the weekends by drinking, gambling or in the "Cat House". ...read more.


Candy is crippled because he lost his hand to a machine, so he can do little work and he is old. This sets him apart form the others and they see him as the old outcast. Lennie is mentally handicapped, he has a child's mind so he isn't very clever and he likes soft things like mice and puppies. This gets him into trouble in the novel. Firstly he stroked a woman's red dress, she got confused and screams he got scared and holds on to the dress and wont let go. This led him to being accused of raping her so Lennie and George had to run away. Secondly Curley's wife lets him stroke her hair because it's soft, after a while she tries to pull away but he holds on and he ends up breaking her neck. For this Lennie has to run away. He is also really strong and this contributes to him getting in trouble because he doesn't know his own strength, he kills many mice because he pets them to hard and he kills a puppy as well as Curley's wife. ...read more.


Many of the workers dream the American dream of having their own land. George and Lennie have a dream that they will own little plot of land with rabbits and fields and if it's miserable weather they will light a fire and sit around it not working, "Guys like us..... an' listen to the rain coming' down on the roof." When Candy's dog is shot he try's to muscle in on their dream. Many of them have dreams so that they can be distracted from the harsh lives of reality. In conclusion, the title of this book tells the reader about the novel in a few words. The title of this book is taken from an Irish poem by Alfred Burns; "The best laid plans of mice and men always go wrong". I believe that this is a good choice of title for the book because it shows how Steinbeck has used this to portray the harsh lives of the workers of the book and the dreams are what should happen in a fair world when it really all goes wrong. By Olly de Garston ...read more.

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