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How does Steinbeck present George in Section One of Of Mice and Men'?

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How does Steinbeck present George in Section One? In Section One of ?Of Mice and Men?, Steinbeck presents George as a very complex character, showing a range of characteristics, many of which contradict each other. Steinbeck describes George?s physical characteristics to correspond with his personality. For example his ?restless eyes? shows that he has a quick, analytical mind. The verb ?restless? shows that he is aware of his surroundings. This use of innuendo suggests that he has been conditioned to be this way. George needs to be aware on behalf of both Lennie and himself, because Lennie cannot look after himself. ...read more.


Instead of stating how Lennie would find it difficult on his own, George speaks of Lennie in a negative way. Saying he has not ?got? enough? of something suggests that he is lacking in something and is not good enough. As opposed to treating it as a sensitive topic, George mocks Lennie?s disabilities and uses it to make him feel ashamed and self-conscious of himself. It also shows how George doesn?t like to take the blame or admit that he was wrong. On the contrary, Steinbeck also portrays George as a very sympathetic and compassionate character as he cares for Lennie as though he were his son. ...read more.


Steinbeck suggests that George is making an effort to act as a father to Lennie, and the reader feels warmly towards the character for this. Steinbeck uses this relationship to convey to the audience the pressure that is placed on George, and the scale of responsibility that he has undertaken in befriending Lennie. This almost acts as a defence for George, excusing the disdainful attitude he sometimes has. This complicated relationship helps the audience to understand George?s character. Although at times George is shown as short-tempered, he is also shown as genuinely caring for Lennie as he makes great efforts to act responsibly and look after his companion. This is an endearing quality that makes the audience accept the patronizing side to him. ...read more.

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