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How does Steinbeck present the emotions of characters in Of Mice and Men?

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´╗┐How does Steinbeck present the emotions of characters in the novel ?Of Mice and Men?? Steinbeck set the novel ?Of mice and men? in Soledad, California during the period of the 1930?s which was the time of the great depression. ?Soledad? means isolation and loneliness which could impact on someone?s emotion. The name plays a part which reflects on the emotions portrayed by the characters in ?Of mice and men?. In the era of the 1930?s, many coloured races were seen as being less superior than their white counterparts enabling them to keep themselves isolated from others in order to stay out of trouble, and to avoid the risk of being lynched. In this era African Americans were seen as slaves resulting in segregation and racism being the norm. A character in ?Of mice and men? who suffered on a daily basis from segregation and isolation due to racism was Crooks. Crooks is a character that we learn about early on in the novel, he isn?t really given a personality, and is mostly referred to as ?stable buck? or ?nigger?. ...read more.


The emotion portrayed by Crooks shows his feeling and the way he chooses to deal with the circumstances. In chapter four crooks suffers from segregation and isolation. An example of this is when Crooks says ?S?pose you didn?t have nobody. S?pose you couldn?t go into the bunk house and play rummy cause you was black?. Steinbeck uses the technique of repetition enabling the reader to put themselves in Crooks shoes. This is a good use of words chosen due to suppose meaning think or assume about a statement being true or false. This enables the reader to think about it from Crooks point of view and experience the range of emotions he is going through. The description of Crooks room shows how he was treated although it was fairly neat and clean the other characters didn?t want to be seen with him in the sense of not wanting to share a room with him due to the fact that he is a ?stable buck? and a ?nigger?. His room reflects on his personality and a long stream of emotions. ...read more.


Steinbeck describes crooks as being a depressed character. An example of this is when Steinbeck described his appearance as ?His eyes lay deep in his head and because of their depth seem you glitter with intensity?. Steinbeck uses exaggeration in order to show Crooks thoughts and feeling. This shows the reader and makes them imagine the pain Crooks is going through both emotionally and physically. As Crooks has been so beaten down by loneliness and prejudice treatment, he is now suspicious of any kindness he receives. An example of this is when Lennie approaches Crooks the act of friendship is seen very out of space action causing Crooks to become irritated with his company saying he has ?no right? to be in his barn. This is the first sign of authority shown by Crooks toward another character enabling him to speak out for himself due to the barn being his territory. This act of Authority shown by Crooks causes him to act toward Lennie how he has been treated. This shows the reader that Crooks has not lost all form of self esteem. Crooks segregation and isolation because of his race has been found to impact on his emotional and physical well-being most likely leading to depression, which is a serious health issue. ...read more.

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