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How does Steinbeck use the characters of Crooks and Curleys wife to explore 2 of the themes in

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How does Steinbeck use the Characters of Curley's Wife and Crooks to explore two of the themes in "Of Mice and Men"? "Of Mice and Men" is Steinbeck's original creation of two men living in the 1930's. There are many themes in "Of Mice and Men" such as Loneliness/isolation and Dreams. In this essay I will be using the characters of Curley's Wife and Crooks to explore the concept of these two themes. Curley's Wife is a flirtatious, lonely and misunderstood woman, and Crooks is a Stable buck who no-one talks to and who suffers the extreme racism of the 30's. Just from these two descriptions of the characters, you can clearly see how the concept of loneliness and isolation comes into the story. The main theme of "Of Mice and Men" is dreams. Every character has one. Curley's Wife wants to be in the movies and to have a husband that treats her like a person, and not just a possession. Crooks' dream is to be treated as an equal and not just as a "Nigger". ...read more.


The man that told her this probably only said this to get her in bed. This shows how naive she is by basing a whole dream on what someone said. Her second dream would never come true. Curley's Wife wanted a husband who respected her and not one that just talks about giving someone "the ol' one-two". In chapter 5 Curley's Wife has a deep conversation with Lennie, and tells him "I don't like Curley. He ain't a nice fella.". This is the first time we feel sympathy for Curley's Wife and realise just how young and unhappy she is. Lennie is the only person she's told about this so she must feel safe around him. That is until he breaks her neck. This section in the story shows she is a bad judge of men. She marries Curley who will try and beat up anyone and then tries to be friends with the person who kills her. She only married Curley because she wasn't patient enough to work towards her dream of becoming a movie star. The second main theme in "Of Mice and Men" is loneliness and isolation. ...read more.


By doing this the readers are automatically prejudiced against her. The way she is described by Candy and some of the other ranch workers shows just how badly she is treated. Candy calls her a tart, George thinks she is a tart even before he meets her and so on. She isn't even treated with respect by her husband. He just uses her as a pet and as someone to tend to all of HIS needs. He tells her to stay in the house all day and to wait there for him. This means the theme of loneliness and isolation applies to her. Steinbeck uses a small bit of contrast to the Loneliness and isolation theme, by having Slim as the only person who knows Crooks and Curley's Wife's right and treats them as equals. The conclusion to my essay is that Curley's Wife and Crooks have been affected by the two main themes of "Loneliness and isolation" and "Dreams" all because of two characteristics. These characteristics are being black, and being female. This proves that in the book, if you are different you are treated differently to everyone else. ...read more.

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