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How does Stevenson express the idea of the duality of man(TM)s nature through his presentation of Jekyll and Hyde?

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How does Stevenson express the idea of the duality of man's nature through his presentation of Jekyll and Hyde? Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is a novella written by R.L. Stevenson in 1886. This novella is about a man called Dr Jekyll who has two sides to him. The evil side of him is Mr. Hyde and the good side of him is Dr Jekyll. He turns into an evil indescribable human being by taking a potion which he made himself, also his appearance changes and his personality changes. Mr. Utterson and Mr. Enfield investigate the case of Dr. Jekylls will, Mr.Utterson is a lawyer and Mr.Enfied is a relative. In this essay I will compare and contrast the good side and the bad side of Dr.Jekyll. The name Hyde suggests a number of things, first of all, it suggest that he is a person who likes to hide away and it suggests that he has to be found. He likes to keep away from people and conceals himself. More over, it suggests that he his hiding away so people do not know his secret and preventing them to know the truth. The reader first meets Mr. Hyde is when Mr. Utterson and Mr. Enfield talk about him over an incident where Mr. Hyde tried to kill a young innocent girl. Enfield said 'it wasn't like a man. ...read more.


Also, that he has become to 'fancy'. Jekyll had a lot of personal qualities such as, he is a very good experimenter, he even made his own potion which changed him into Hyde, but he could be seen as impatient, because he always want to turn into Hyde. He loves the bad side of him. Jekyll is a well known person and has a very high status. On the other hand, he was also a kind person, 'every mark of capacity and kindness', this shows that he was a good person when he was Jekyll and a bad person when he was Hyde. Jekyll is seen as the perfect Victorian gentlemen, he is seen as respectable, and this is the total opposite to his bad side. When Utterson met Hyde, he called out his name and expected a response, 'Mr. Hyde shrank back with a hissing intake of breath, but his fear was only momentary'; this shows that Utterson was nervous as well as Hyde. Also, the word 'shrank' suggests something small, Hyde was a very small person, a dwarf, this relates to Darwin's theory that we have evolved from animals, similarly it says 'hissing', this remind people of a snake, the way a snake hisses, this again is related to Darwin's theory, snakes are often seen as sneaky and quite animals, just like Hyde. ...read more.


Jekyll was a really respectful person and a person which no-one rarely hated, his characteristics makes him a wonderful gentleman, but the shocking side of him is nowhere to be compared. Darwin was a great scientist, he believed the humans started off as apes and then slowly became into humans as time passed. Hyde was described as an ape by the maid, also people did not know much about deformity, so science wasn't that popular and people did not know the reasons why people acted in a certain way. Also how man can change or how species can change into something better. Duality of mans nature simple means, that there are always two sides to everyone, a good and a bad side. But one is more dominant than the other, for example Hyde is dominant over Jekyll. A mans original instincts are survival of the fittest, and to be the fittest you have to be a fight and not contempt with fear, as does Mr. Hyde, he fights like an animal and not like a normal human being. Apes do not fight like humans, they fight like animals, similarly Hyde was called a Ape because of his looks. Ugliness is heavily associated with evilness, because there's the sense of negativity linked between the two. If you saw someone evil, automatically you'd assume that they'd have some ugly features and evils linked to sin, and crime, so they're all linked. Abed Ahmed ...read more.

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