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how does susan hill create tension in the story

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How does Susan Hill create tension in the story? During the last few weeks I have been set out to read the book called "the woman in black."I thoroughly enjoyed the book and now in this essay I will talk about how Susan Hill creates tension in the story. The main features I will talk about are the setting, the plot, and the dialog and how she creates tension in these things. I will also dwell upon some other things which the writer has created to make tension in the story. By the end of this story I would how clearly summed up when she creates tension and how. First I will talk about the setting. The place in which the story is set is Eel Marsh House. The house is in the middle of many marshes and is completely isolated from the rest of the world. The only way to get to Eel Marsh House is on a narrow gravel causeway called the nine lives causeway which can only be crossed at low tide and if you veer off the causeway you would be sucked in to the mud of the marsh.


few sightings of the woman in black and when he sees people's bad reactions to the mention of Mrs Drab low and the woman in black. He starts wondering why they are having bad reactions and becomes quite agitated and curious as he knows they are not telling him something. The tension rises at this point. As he gets more stuck in to the work he experiences more of these bad happenings like the noise of the pony and trap and noise in the nursery as well as more sightings of the woman in black the tension is still high and there is no explanation for the happenings which he has experienced which leaves a lot of mystery which happens to create tension with it. It is only till the end that the tension builds up to its peak when he is about to be told the reasons for the happenings and what the consequences are by Mr Samuel Daily. The tension stays at its peak as you are just waiting and wondering if the consequences(a child dying) is going to happen as well as hoping that it doesn't happen at the same time.


I am going to talk about the part in the story when Arthur had been to Eel Marsh House for the fist time and he was going to have a brisk walk back to cry thin Gifford. The mood was calm but the a mist swept across the marshes and he began to panic because he was worried about not swerving off the causeway and being sucked in the marshes the writer then took the chance to cause even more tension by putting the sound of the horse and trap in to the equation. And then when the horse and trap sinks in the marsh he becomes in a terrifying panic because he thinks that it is Keckwick that had sunk in the marsh. I think that the writer has done very well here in creating tension because she starts with a small thing which then leads up to the main blow. I hope that in this essay I have shown some points in the story where the writer Susan Hill has caused tension in the story of the woman in black. I could have been writing pages on this essay about how Susan hill has created tension but I hop I have summed it up well. ?? ?? ?? ?? Hal Mellen 3G/R

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