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How Does Team America Create Humour and Satire?

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Team America satirises almost every convention of an action movie, America's political views, and the all important American actors who set themselves up as key spokespeople on world events. It does this by exposing the debateable issues and flaws, and ridiculing them. The film's main focus is America's blind view of the rest of the world and the USA's 'Global responsibility', a quotation taken from neo-conservative statement. In fact, the main aims in the neo-con statement are that America must accept its global responsibility and vital roles in maintaining peace and security in the rest of the world. The quotation from Team America's logo: "World Police" refers to the country's views. The film highlights America's arrogance and how they think that they're the world leader and they can resolve anything. However, in the first scene of the terrorists in Paris, Team America arrive in their flashy helicopters with the American flag embedded in everything, and they end up blowing up half of the town and telling everyone that everything is "bon". ...read more.


It is ironic because the film has adult themes and topics, yet the producers decide to use puppets which are for children. By using puppets Team America goes against the Hollywood view that everything needs to be as realistic as possible. Also, the puppets could satirise the lack of talent in Hollywood actors. The lyrics from the non-diegetic music are of particular interest. The son "Freedom Isn't Free" could be similar to the American government's views on freedom, and Gary's speech where he says he doesn't want the guilt, could be the views of an average American citizen. Also, the song "America, Fuck Yeah!" has the word "America" repeated constantly followed by "fuck yeah" which again shows America's "greatness" and all of America's ironic brands and views such as Wal-Mart, democrats, and Taco Bell. The puppet fight scene contains ironic non-diegetic music which is an example of incongruity. It has some fsat-paced music which builds tension then becomes very lively and energetic. ...read more.


Team America doesn't just satirise Hollywood movies, it also mocks the actors. In the movie there is a group of actors called F.A.G. who set themselves up as important spokespeople on world events. This is satirised when Janeane Garafolo says "As actors, it is our job to read the news and say it as if it's our opinion." What this implies is that famous American actors take it upon themselves to tell the world news, as if they have a "global responsibility". Team America does not only parody movies, it also parodies a popular musical called "Rent". The scene where Gary first appears is of him performing in a play called "Lease". The song being performed is called "Everyone Has AIDS", which satirises Rent because some of the characters suffer from AIDS. To conclude, I think that Team America is a very successful satire because it is so unique and it satirises conventions of action movies and it mocks Hollywood actors who we may look up to, and of course, it mocks America. ...read more.

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