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How Does Tennessee Williams Make The Unfolding Events Of Blanche(TM)s Birthday Gripping To Watch?

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How Does Tennessee Williams Make The Unfolding Events Of Blanche's Birthday Gripping To Watch? In a 'Street Car Named Desire' Tennessee Williams writes about how the south was changing. He compares the old and the new south by representing the new and the old south with different characters, for example Stanley represents the new south as he acts quite animalistic and aggressive and Blanche represents the old south as she has her traditional ways of doing things and is incapable on moving on from the past and changing and developing in to this new style of living. Also one of Stanley's friends, called Mitch, is very like Blanche so he is the bridge between the new and the old south, as Mitch tries to fit in with the new south by going to the gym and playing poker to make him feel masculine and dominate, however Mitch seems to be more polite and more respectful that the rest of the other men and the new south in general. But as Blanche does not fit in with the new south as the play goes on you can see Blanche start to break down and finds it very hard to cope with the new and changing society. Williams uses a technique called Greek Tragedy. This means that the most dramatic part of a scene happens off stage, out of the view of the audience. ...read more.


attitude change and don't realise who or what she is singing about, however during this happy time for blanche it is contrasted by Stanley standing in a different room were she cannot hear, where he reveals about her past this causes a lot of dramatic irony. In scene eight Stanley says: 'I am king!' this emphasises his manly and animalistic qualities, and they come out even further when he losses his temper. In this scene something quite dramatic happens when Stanley and blanche start to fight over Stella, however in the mist of all the fighting we realise that they turn it onto a competition between each other we notice this when Stanley says 'I am 100% American' - this made me think that this is what Williams sees that America is changing into, when blanche is sad Stanley seems to be beating her in the fight between the new and the old south, during this the versouviana plays getting louder and louder so more noticeable. This is a constant reminder that everything in blanches past will catch up will her. In scene nine we see a dramatic change in blanche. We notice that she breaks down and tends to go a bit crazy like she has totally lost her mind. This scene is a flash back into blanches past as she thinks about the Pollca tune, this brings her back to memories to the night that her husband killed himself which is what contributes to blanches ...read more.


She molests a young boy and deludes herself and others that she is charming and sociable. She also invents stories about Shep Huntleigh (whether he is real or not, it doesn't matter). Loneliness is what brings Mitch and Blanche together. She is willing to put up with him rather than be a lonely spinster. He also needs a female figure to replace his mother. Colours are also contrasted between these two characters. Stanley is associated with vivid colours. Coarse, loud primary colours are his style. Blanche, however, selects pastels or white colours that are muted and muffled. In the scene with Blanches birthday in it, it is very interesting the way that Williams chooses to set the mood. As she makes it a very pleasant and calm mood, but then the atmosphere quickly turns sour as Stanley starts too interrogate her about what she was doing at the hotel because he knows the truth, and Blanche quickly has a break down as she does not want to face reality and does not want the hassle of people knowing the truth. I think over all Williams has cleverly written a very moving and effective play using various techniques such as the music that she uses in the background to set the scene. Although this is a very old play, I enjoyed reading it however I did find some parts of it quite disturbing, but I suppose it was all part of setting the scene of the play. ?? ?? ?? ?? A Street Car Named Desire -1- ...read more.

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