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How does the author create suspense in the red room

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How does the author create atmosphere and suspense in the Red Room and the Signalman? Ghosts, every culture in the world has their own version. From the Yurei in Asia, to ghouls in the Arab world. And as ghost stories have been passed down forever, certain elements were developed to increase the suspense and atmosphere. These effects have been used extensively in everything from folk stories of the bogeyman, to the modern thriller genre of movies. In these stories I have noted the effects used in creating a journey of suspense and tension. And I am going to discuss effects that I have noted in this essay. Wells and Dickens both have the characters who after their bizarre occurrences have had their central characters reflecting on what had occurred to them ; In 'The Signalman the narrator contemplating tbe' 'I may, in closing it, point out the coincidence that the warning of the Engine-Driver included' the narrator thinks of the tragedy that has just occurred to the Signalman. And if the incidents were truly coincidental or rather supernatural. Then he contemplates how the supernatural is existent this enhanced by the fact of which in the time it was written trains and the jobs of Signalmen were considered at the height of technology. ...read more.


Also the choice of the narrator in 'The Red Room' gives the prose an added aspect of irony as the reader has seen the character in his confident and arrogant stage 'I can assure you; that it will take a very tangible ghost to scare me' in the beginning of the prose, but as the story progresses he is reduced into a bumbling fool who got scared by candles getting put out 'I was now almost frantic with horror of the coming darkness' However in 'The Signalman' the narrator is also a sensible and logical person who also doesn't believe hearsay but doesn't suffer the arrogance and the belief of superiority of the character in 'The Red Room'. This is evident when the narrator tries to calm the Signalman by telling him that the ghost he just say is his mind playing tricks on him 'I showed him that this figure must be a deception of his sense of sight' this would have caused the reader to speculate that the issue is in 'The Signalman', and it is all work of his imagination but the Signalman elaborated that an accident occurred after the sighting. Then the narrator starts to question himself along with the narrator 'A disagreeable shudder crept over me, but I did my best against it. ...read more.


Also the choice of the character applies with the theme of a gothic story by the choice of a Byronic hero. Who is a staple in gothic literature, who is extremely arrogant 'It would to take a very tangible to scare me' and a self destructive quest which in this case is the desire to be in a room that has been reported as haunted and where deaths have occurred. The signalman also displays elements of gothic literature such as the location which is isolated and decayed which we know that from the 'Rough zigzag descending path' that the area is so decayed that there isn't a proper road or at least a path to the area and this also accentuates the loneliness. This in addition with presenance of death that strewn across the story 'six hours after the appearance, the memorable accident on this line happened' increases the suspense and adds to the element of gothic literature. Overall the writers use many different effects to create atmosphere and suspense from setting the characters in total isolation or the use of emotive and descriptive language. Bt by enhancing the effects of the atmosphere (through using the pre- mentioned techniques), the writer gives credibility and reality to the story, which in turn makes it easier for the reader to become emotionally attached. Monir M. El-Koussy ?? ?? ?? ?? - 1 - ...read more.

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