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How does the character of Macbeth change from Act 1:3 to act 3:1?

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´╗┐How does the character of Macbeth change from Act 1:3 to act 3:1 At the beginning of the play, Macbeth is seen as quite as quite strong and courageous after his victorious win in a battle against Norway. He is quite loyal towards the King and also respects the king, as he has just won the battle for King Duncan. Macbeth is respected by the King respects him and this is showed by the praise Macbeth is given and how happy the King is (?my plenteous joy?). He is not only respected by Duncan, but also by other people like his fellow fighters, this is showed when a wounded captain in Duncan?s army exclaim, ?for brave Macbeth (well he deserves that name)?. At the beginning of the play, it is obvious Macbeth is also seen as brave and courageous, this is evident when Rosse says ?silenced with that?, means a number of things, including, he is speechless with admiration and he fought against Norway, unafraid of the hideous scene of death and destruction. ...read more.


He also, has to be persuaded by Lady Macbeth, as he does not want to go through with Duncan?s murder (We will proceed no further with this business), as he is scared. He seems quite easy to control, as he is easily influenced by Lady Macbeth. Another way Macbeth changes is that he becomes quite weak, as he is easily persuaded is when Macbeth says he no longer wants to go through with the murder, Lady Macbeth, starts saying things to persuade him, like, ?and to be more than what you were, you would be so much more the man?, meaning if Macbeth commits the murder it will make him even more brave and courageous than he was when he won the battle against Norway. She also starts getting angry. Another main change is, that Macbeth has loses his respect from the King, because although he does not want to murder Duncan, in the end he still does it and by killing the king he is committing a mortal sin, as he is killing the King, which was said to have been chosen by God, in the Divine right of Kings. ...read more.


And this time, instead of committing the murder himself, he hires 2 murders for him. That shows his strength but that he is quite weak morally. He feels a bit guiltier and due to his guilt, he experiences hallucinations and at the banquet he sees Banquo?s ghost. He can?t find a place to sit as Banquo?s ghost is actually in his place and simply replies ?the tables full?. It is obvious, he is tormented by the murder and is quite fearful, as he is hallucinating such a thing. Also Macbeth, is beginning to think negative thoughts, as he refers to the murderers as dogs, (?as hounds and greyhounds, mongrels, spaniels?) The main influence, for Macbeth?s change throughout the play was probably Lady Macbeth. As lady Macbeth was the person who thought up the plan for Duncan?s murder and he was quite ambitious, but Lady Macbeth?s ambition seemed to overrule him. Also lady Macbeth was the one who persuaded him to commit the murder and committing the murder of Duncan, was the thing that made Macbeth feel great guilt and regret and also lead onto him committing another murder of Banquo. ...read more.

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