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How does the character Sheila Birling change in the play in An Inspector Calls?

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How does the character ?Sheila Birling? change in the play in ?An Inspector Calls?? The play ?An Inspector Calls was set in 1912 and written in 1945 by J.B Priestly. In those days society was capitalist, their was a massive division between upper class and lower class people, the wealth was not shared equally. The play is based on the Birling family headed by Arthur Birling who is a wealthy factory owner. At the beginning of the play the family is celebrating Sheila and Gerald Crofts engagement. The mood starts to change when the inspector arrives and informs them about a young woman Eva Smith suicide. ...read more.


Sheila and Gerald?s relationship seems a bit dysfunctional and it seems like they don?t love each as much as we know they should. At the beginning Sheila mentioned how Gerard never came near her last summer but he tried to justify his self and said how he was ?awfully busy at works all that time? Sheila wasn?t all convinced and replied by saying ?yes, that?s what you say?. Also at the beginning of act 2 Gerald wanted to hide everything he knew about Eva smith from the inspector but Sheila wasn?t sure about it, she was curious to hear about his part of the story. ...read more.


Sheila used her influence coming form a wealthy family to get Eva smith fired? I went to the manger at milwards and I told him that if they didn?t get rid of that girl, I?d never go near that place again and I?d persuade mother to close our account with them?. To conclude the audience have now started to see Sheila as a thoughtful person. She was the first one out of all the family to feel guilty and accept her responsibility of what she did to Eva Smith. Sheila also doesn?t agree with her parents when they found out that the inspector wasn?t real they both pretended that nothing happened and that got Sheila and Eric (Sheila?s brother) angry and annoyed which showed her how her views changed through out the play. ...read more.

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