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How does the film The Truman Show(TM) tell the audience about the influence of the media?

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How does the film 'The Truman Show' tell the audience about the influence of the media? 'The Truman Show' is a film about a man that has been trapped in a fake world from birth; he has no idea that he is imprisoned in a huge dome. He is always being watched on TV by millions of people, ranging through all generations from young to old, with out knowing it. This film presents a very strong influence of the media. There is so much product placement in this film for example his wife is always buying the latest items e.g. the pumpkin peeler. This film shows how the media uses different techniques to influence and affect our decisions which a lot of the time they affect us subconsciously. 'The Truman Show' proves to us how easy it is to be influenced as we see how easily Truman is being influenced, but at the same time as we are watching Truman being influenced, we are being influenced to by the character Truman and what happens in the film. ...read more.


This is called product placement an example of when this happen is when he is talking to two men in the morning one day, they both edge forward towards him making his step backwards towards a billboard which has product on it this is so everyone watching it can see what it is. This reflects hoe the media influences us because everywhere you go there will be some sort of advertisement. Seahaven is an extreme example of the typical American dream where everyone knows each other, the grass is always cut and the sun always shining. But actually it is all so fake and full of actors being told what to do and when to do it. An example of this is when every day before e goes to work he goes to the shop with the man selling newspapers and buys the same thing each day and each day the man in the shop always has it ready for him. This is because he has been informed before that Truman is heading his way. ...read more.


TV influences us in many different ways and a lot of the time it does it with out us even noticing. The media also influences us in many different ways such as through newspapers, the radio, magazines, TV and celebrities for example if we see a celebrity wearing a particular piece of clothing then we might be tempted to go and buy it ourselves. This is similar to the Truman show because there is so much product placement going on in the film just like when we walk down the road you will see at least one advertisement and it influences us so much. I think this film is very effective because we are able to see how the media affects Truman and thus effects us because there is so much in our world that influences us and we don't realise it. The Truman show tells us how much the things on TV influence us by allowing us to see what affects 'The Truman Show' has on the audience in the film and that is what makes this film such a good film because it is able to show how much the media actually influences us in this modern day society. ?? ?? ?? ?? - 1 - ...read more.

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