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How does the first act of the play prepare us for what follows?

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How does the first act of the play prepare us for what follows? The play - Hobson's Choice sets in late 1880s the Victorian times. If you knew about how do things look like and how people act, you can tell there are lots of differences and things have changed between now and the past. In the past, most of the women were indeed conservative, you can tell that from their costumes. For example, they used to wear very tight, grow bumptious and narrow neck costumes which show that they had no freedom, sometimes they were not even allow to choose their own dresses. However, they were willing to give up their freedoms for beauty. On the other hand, they also emphasized their deportment. Nowadays, women have more freedom, they can wear whatever they want to, and they do not have to wear tight and narrow neck dresses. Furthermore, the marrying age in the old days is around early 20s, but these days the marrying age is between late 20s and early 30s. ...read more.


He hates lawyers because its wastes of money and they help people who are supposed to be send into jail. The author tells us that he hates lawyers so this gives us a clue that one of his daughter might marry a lawyer or start a relationship with a lawyer. "But I'll tell you this, you'll none rule me." This quote demonstrates us that Hobson has a very bossy characteristic. "You're pretty, but you're bumptious, and I hate bumptiousness like I hate a lawyer." And "You can lie like a gasmeter." These quotes tell us that Hobson does not care about his daughters' feelings; he says whatever he wants to say. Also, he never tries to choose Maggie a husband and he told Alice and Vickey that he is choosing their husband himself. Hobson's eldest daughter - Maggie, she is 30 and single because of the selfishness of Hobson, he would not let her to find a husband herself but he did not find her a husband. ...read more.


This shows that she maybe doesn't get on really well with Maggie. "Mr. Prosser didn't come in to buy boots." This quote tells us that Maggie has a special relationship with Mr. Prosser, and she assumed that Maggie knew it. Hobson's youngest daughter - Vickey, she is 21 and with Fred. She is a bit impatient and fidgety, she is the bad one in the family. If things are bad and negative to her, she gives bad comments and tries to make it bad. Vicky also despises people and full of herself. "Father, have you heard the new about out Maggie?" This quote shows that Vickey wasn't being very nice to her sister, Maggie. As she knows that if Hobson knows about Will and Maggie, he will definitely stop them. To conclude, I think since the author provides enough clues for us, it prepares us really well for the next chapter. Therefore, this makes me really want to read on as I wanted to know what is going to happen next, and also makes me got really interested in this book. ?? ?? ?? ?? Julie Chan LV 27 January 2008 ...read more.

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