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How does the friar try to persuade Romeo not to kill himself?

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GCSE Assignment Romeo and Juliet How does the friar try to persuade Romeo not to kill himself? Friar Lawrence's offer's his help by taking Romeo into his cell. The Friar says to Romeo that the Prince's sentence for him is to be banished from Verona. The dagger was taken away by the nurse from Romeo, when he was about to stab himself. The Friar's speech begins when he say's, "Hold thy desperate hand." The Friar tries to explain to him that the Prince has changed the law especially for Romeo and that he should be happy to be alive, but Romeo ignores this and continues to think that there is no reason for him to be alive any more. When the nurse tells Romeo that Juliet is in the same state as him, Romeo blames himself. In the first part, he tells Romeo that he is acting like an 'ill-beseeming beast,' his appearance is of a man but his tears are like a woman and his actions are of an uncontrollable beast. The Friar compares Romeo to a usurer who has lots of money but does not use it properly, in the same way the Friar tells Romeo that he is not using his three qualities he has as a man. ...read more.


''Thy dear love sworn but hollow perjury, killing that love which thou hast vowd to cherish;'' after hearing this Romeo realizes that his love for Juliet is not real if he kills himself therefore he should stay alive for his love. (Juliet) Romeo's intelligence is in question in the third part. He says that he has misused his 'wit' the most, like a soldier who wounds himself with his own weapon because of his ignorance. ''Like powder in a skill-less soldier's flask, is set a-fire by thine own ignorance...'' In the same way, Romeo has misused his intelligence and instead of thinking of what he should do next he gives up and tries to kill himself. This may make Romeo think again about killing himself and he might think that what other choice does he have apart from committing suicide? In the second section, the Friar tells Romeo how lucky he is. He does this by giving him three reasons to be happy about. The first reason is that Juliet is alive whom he was about to kill himself for. ''Thy Juliet is alive, for whose dear sake thou wast but lately dead.'' The second reason is that he has won the fight with Tybalt, the man who would have killed him. ...read more.


Romeo has got the whole night ahead of him with Juliet and then when he comes back he will have his whole life with her, he will have more joy when he comes back to Verona than he did when he left it. The Friar uses some strong words to encourage Romeo to follow this plan, ''... blaze your marriage, reconcile your friends...'' Then the Friar tells the nurse to go ahead of Romeo and tell everyone to go to bed, which can make it easier for Romeo to go there after. The Friar ends the speech with a quick and dramatic sentence. ''Romeo is coming.'' Throughout the whole speech, the Friar's use of persuasive language encourages and makes Romeo realize whether what he is doing is good or bad. He appeals to Romeo's emotions by picking out words like, 'thy, dear love...' He repeats words/phrases to give a special effect. 'Thy shape, thy love, thy wit, there art thou happy...' The Friar uses different comparisons to make Romeo feel guilty about him. E.g. '...like a usurer...' who doesn't use his money properly, in the same way he says Romeo doesn't use his qualities he has properly. Also, the Friar tries to reason with Romeo when he says that if he hadn't killed Tybalt then Tybalt would have killed him, and he makes him realize of all the things he has to be happy about. +447903443155 ...read more.

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